Reseller Hosting is a well-known hosting solution for starting a hosting business for web developers and web designers. People looking to start their own Hosting Reseller business or earn some passive income usually go for this hosting service.

Reseller Web Hosting allows you to buy a bulk of resources such as CPU, bandwidth, storage, disk space, divide them into smaller parts and then sell them to your clients at a higher rate. There are many companies that provide Reseller Hosting in India, that allows you to earn a huge profit without needing much technical expertise or investing in vast capital.

However, you must have a clear understanding of the services you provide to your clients to understand their needs better and grow your business.

Despite Reseller Hosting being such a remunerative business, people have their misconceptions and myths about it, which need to be busted. Before you decide to jump onto being a reseller host, read the following myths or opinions people share to be more aware of this lucrative industry.

1.     Reseller Hosting is complex

This is one of the most overvalued myths associated with Reseller Hosting. Linux Reseller Hosting is easy and convenient to start. Yes, you might require some effort to understand the basic services, but it is quite simple and straightforward and allows you to learn more about the industry. As a Hosting Reseller, you do not have to invest huge capital or worry about maintaining the server, hardware, or security systems.

2.     You cannot sell services as a personal brand

This is another huge misconception that often makes people not opt for being a Hosting Reseller. People believe that you cannot claim to be an independent host provider, which is not true. The reality is hosting providers allow you to sell the services as your own with complete anonymity or identification privacy. You can choose a white-label feature with your Reseller Hosting account and sell your Reseller Hosting plans to your customers as an independent brand.

3.     Reseller Hosting is a competitive business domain that provides low profit

Why would so many companies and businesses sell this service with a huge demand if this was true? Although the web hosting industry is highly competitive, many fail to recognise the underlying benefit they can get.

With many companies taking their businesses online, it increases the need for hosting services too. You can be a potential hosting service provider and sell your services to these emerging websites as a reseller. You can easily buy the services at a cheaper rate than you sell them, allowing you to earn a fortune with great profit.

4.     You will be daunted by hosting and customer support

Customer support plays a crucial role in building your business, and you are obligated to provide it. But with Reseller Hosting, you gain the resources from your web hosting provider; they handle and care of every customer query on your behalf. Right from setting up the server, upgrades, reboots, and other technical assistance, your hosting provider takes care of it.

Summing Up

These were some of the well-known myths that people entertain in the Reseller Hosting industry. However, this shouldn’t be why you are backing off or not opting to be a Hosting Reseller. With proper study, research, and understanding of the web hosting industry and different hosting solutions, you can buy Windows or Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans, be a good reseller host, sell your own hosting plans to your clients, and earn a profit.

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