Girls love quirky items for themselves and their room. They don’t want to make compromises when it comes to styling. Therefore, we can see them shopping for extraordinary things. This is why if you want to gift something to a girl then choose quirky items that will impress her.

In this post, I have mentioned 5 quirky things that every girl should have in 2021.


A girl’s outfit or look is incomplete without jewelry. So, here is a stylish bracelet that is designed into an open cuff style. Its sleek look will take no time to catch people’s eye towards your wrist. What makes it quirky? It can be tailored as per your name or anything of your choice. The team at Etchcraft Emporium will use laser-engraved technology to add a personal touch to this personalised bracelet for girls.

2. Clutch

A party look doesn’t look appropriate without a clutch. By carrying a unique and personalised clutch to a party, you can show people that you’re very peculiar about your appearance. I suggest you getting a clutch that has a touch of both silver and golden shades because a dual-tone clutch will complete all dresses. Furthermore, make it look extraordinary by customizing it to your name.

Nowadays many gift retailers are customizing gifts so you can get your clutch personalized from any nearby store or online.

3. Diary 

A journal or diary is preferred by all girls to record daily happenings or daily expenses. Therefore, you can get any diary customized according to your choice. For example, if you love “Kitty” then you can get its image on the cover of the diary with your name. A personalised diary makes a perfect present for any girl.

A dairy can be personalized at any offline or online gift shop that provides customization services.

4. Keychain

This is a funky and personalised car keychain that is shaped just like a car. If you’ve a car or love cars in general then this car keychain is a must-have quirky item. This is customizable keyring as you can style it with a cutout logo and laser-inscribed custom text. You can either get it for yourself or any of your friends.

If you want to hang keys of your home, cupboard, or cars to this personalised car cushion cover then you can get it from Etchcraft Emporium.

5. Cushion 

If you’re one of those girls who love to keep her room not just tidy but also decorated then you must get this unique and personalised car cushion cover. This cushion is all-in-one accessory as it keeps your comfort as well as room’s style up always. It has a beautiful car printed cushion cover that has a customizable plate. You can get it decorated with name, number, or date of your choice. The customization is done with laser technology. The engraved text looks rich and instantly converts a regular cushion cover into a quirky one. Etchcraft Emporium is offering this amazing cushion cover at affordable prices.

All these quirky items are the right ways to pamper a girl. Apart from unusual style and looks, girls also love affordable price tags on their favorite things. This is why; these 5 items are on our list. With a price tag of up to 1000 INR, these items are steal deals for girls. You just have to order them from the platforms mentioned above.

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