Benefits of Living Off-Campus During College
Benefits of Living Off-Campus During College


Are you a college student looking for a place to live? Part of the college experience is finding a decent space to live in while you attend school. Have you gotten tired of the dorms? Have you been considering living off-campus? If so, this move might be a good decision for you. While living on-campus can be a good idea, living off-campus is also appealing as well. Keep reading to see some benefits of living off-campus rather than in a dorm.

Independence and Freedom 

A dorm might have strict protocols and processes, such as not drinking alcohol, or that a specific type of cord isn’t allowed in the room. You also might be assigned to a residential advisor who oversees a certain hall in the dorm. While these things might be okay as a freshman, you likely don’t want to adhere to these types of rules as a senior. As you get older, it might feel restrictive and you’ll likely want more freedom. Using apartments for college students Athens OH can grant you the freedom and independence that you desire. Living in an apartment or house also gives you the experience of truly living on your own.


Dorms can be expensive. While apartments can be expensive too, you can likely find a place that is cheaper than living on-campus. As a college student, you probably have somewhat of a budget that you try to stick to. Paying for an expensive dorm can take away from funds that you might use for other items, such as books, food, or even entertainment purposes.


It’s no secret that the roommates you are assigned in college have the potential to make or break your campus experience. Perhaps you don’t share the same views on how the room should look. Maybe your roommate’s personality just doesn’t vibe with yours. Perhaps your roommate has committed a serious offense. Whatever the problem is, living in a off-campus apartment rather than a dorm could be a good fit for you. When a student is filling out his paperwork, try to decide whether you want a roommate or not. Or you may be a student who has had a roommate for several years and is now interested in living alone. So how can you decide if having a college roommate is a good idea for your particular situation? In the end, at least for most college students, there is only so much money to share. If living in one/without a roommate will increase your tuition costs significantly for you, then staying with a roommate for another year (or two or three) is a good idea. However, if you think you can live financially independent or you think having your own space is worth the extra cost, than not having a roommate might be included in the card. Think carefully about what the increased costs will mean for your time in school – and beyond, if you are using a loan to finance your education.

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