Economic Importance of Gold Mining
Economic Importance of Gold Mining


We know that gold is one of the finest materials universally accepted in the exchange of goods and services due to its numerous unique qualities. Almost all nations took gold as a medium of international payment. Gold is one of the first minerals that were used by prehistoric cultures. For hundreds of years, gold has played a significant role as a high denomination currency.

How Much Gold Is Present In The World?

Undeniably, gold is one of the rarest and even the most expensive metals globally. Gold has been in use since the dawn of history, and still, mining operations are in progress. Every natural resource is present in a limited amount; there is a finite supply of gold globally. The amount of gold obtained from the earth is tiny fractions of its total mass. As of 2020, about 53,000 tons of gold are estimated in identified reserves. Talking about the past two decades, the discoveries of new gold reserves has slowed. New gold veins are still found, but discoveries of large deposits are slowed. Most of the gold needs are met by older mines that were discovered earlier. According to current estimations, it was conveyed that roughly 2,500 to 3,000 tons of new gold are mined every year. The experts believe that the quantity of gold above ground is over 190,000 tons worldwide. Based on known reserves, estimation has suggested that gold mining may reach the point of economic unsustainability by 2050, although the number of discoveries of new deposits may affect it.

Major Sources of Gold

The Whitewater Basin of South Africa is the largest source of gold in history. In addition, the Mponeng mine in China, Super pit and Newmont Boddington mines in Australia, and Grasberg Mine in Indonesia are major producers of gold and help to fulfill the demands. Many companies involve modern exploration and mining approaches to successfully explore and discover valuable assets. Trillium Gold is one of those companies which are engaged in the business of acquisition, exploration, and development of minerals. Trillium Gold Mines is a mining company incorporated in the development of high-grade gold ores.

Economic Value of Gold

Gold is a precious metal that has high monetary value and is considered a prestigious means of acquiring wealth and empire. The Egyptians, at about 3000 BC, were the first who had included gold and silver to fulfill monetary expenses. Gold production has been among the most popular activities which significantly impacted economic value. It influences employment, contribution to foreign exchange earnings, and trade balance. As per reports, the gold industry directly contributed $83.1 billion to the global economy in 2013. The reason why gold has dominated is the rise in production activities and expenditure on goods and services. The indirect contribution impacted the economy with $171.6 billion.


Gold is an attractively pleasing and workable metal that comes with amazing properties making it suitable for varied purposes. Gold mining operations are the major economic drivers for many countries worldwide. It has created direct and indirect employment, brought foreign exchange and tax revenues to the nation.

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