Factors To Consider While Choosing A Private University


A private degree refers to a degree offered by Private Education Institutions (PEIs).

All PEIs offering degree, diploma or full-time certification programmes must be registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

In this article, we will take a closer look at the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a private degree in Singapore.

Recognition by Accreditation

Although the official stance of the Singaporean government is that all degrees awarded by overseas universities accredited by their home countries are accepted, employers in practice do have their perspective on which private universities are worthy of recognition.

All private universities in Singapore would tell you that their degrees are accredited. However, it would be best if you went for those that are better accredited to increase your job prospects.

Recognition by Reputation

Let’s adopt an employer’s mindset when it comes to recognition, the HR person in your job interview may not be free enough to do a thorough checkup of every private university in Singapore regarding their certificates and accreditation. They usually select candidates based on their initial impression of the school and the reputation of the student population.

The Programme You Want To Enroll In

First and foremost, check if the university offers the course of your choice. If you want to enrol in a conventional degree, such as engineering, business, or communication, most private universities in Singapore should offer it. However, you may need to dig further if you want to study in a more specialized area.


Although not all lecturers in private universities are flown in from their home countries in foreign university partners, you should still expect a certain standard from them when it comes to their qualifications. Usually, university partners conduct the required assessment of lecturers before they are hired. At the degree level, lecturers should possess a masters qualification or higher as the norm.


As much as you want to study at university, you also want to live a good life there. Hence the campus location itself is also essential. Campus size and location is a crucial factor to consider and is relative to different students’ needs. Generally speaking, you may prefer a bigger campus, which usually comes with more facilities. However, a bigger campus is also typically further away from the main cities, which can make things like regular outdoor activities and job-hunting harder due to commotion. That being said, a campus away from central Singapore is quieter, with fewer distractions allowing you to be more focused on your studies. Additionally, living expenses may also be lower, as you can dine at a community hawker central nearby—great food at a lower price.

Student Life

Joining a CCA is an integral part of your student life. You may already have a perspective of what extracurricular activities you want to take part in or perhaps you’re open to exploring other activities. Either way, you should make sure that the university has a good selection of clubs and societies.

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Considering that there are many aspects a university has to endure a more vibrant student life, you may want to enrol in one that is more established and has a long history.

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