For extending the candidate’s stay in the UK or further leave to remain the candidate has to attend the GESE Grade 3 exam. The GESE Grade 3 is the other name of the A2 English test which is a UKVI approval test. The exam is made mandatory by the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR). The A2 test is the second level of the exam and can also be termed as a beginner level exam. Here are some of the details that should be known by the candidate before enrolling for it:

The eligibility of the candidate

The candidates applying for the test for the extension of their stay in the UK must be:

  • A parent of the settled person in the UK.
  • Spouse of the settled person in the UK.

These candidates can choose the option of UKVI purposes while booking for their exam on the website. Let us focus on enrolling for the test.

The booking for the test

The candidates must select the provider with which they want to register for the exam. As mentioned above the eligible candidates can select the option of UKVI purposes to proceed to the next step.

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Failing to select the right option while selecting the exam purpose might result in the rejection of the application and the candidate will not be given a refund of your exam fee that is 200.00 GBP. Therefore make sure to be attentive while selecting the options. The candidate can then proceed to select the location and the date of their choice.

The examiners key for evaluation

The examiner is responsible for your grades in the examination and certain aspects of the candidate’s presentation will be evaluated by the examiner. If the candidate is asked to describe any topic the explanation must be precise and consist of grammatically correct sentences. Pronunciation of different words is also assessed to know the English proficiency of the candidate. The exam is mostly to evaluate the candidate’s understanding of the language and the communication of their thoughts. If the candidate clears this exam he/she will be able to get the spouse visa extension or the further leave to remain. For the candidates who are from a country that is not a majority English speaking country they need to practice more to get a command over the language.

Exam format

A listening and speaking test of seven minutes followed with questions and answers. The candidate can also ask simple questions to the examiner. The candidate will be mostly asked to describe simple topics such as their daily chores. Provisional results will be provided on the same day. There are no exceptions whatsoever so the candidate must make sure they are in good health and must attend the exam at the date and location registered by them

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These are some of the important things that the candidate must know before enrolling for the A2 English test as this can be helpful for them to clear the test.

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