You recently broke up with your girlfriend and feel sad or sad about the outcome of the matter. You may just want to say, “I’m sorry, I hope we can still be friends.” Or, you may want to try to get it back. Either way, you are considering sending her a bouquet of flowers, but you are not sure if it is appropriate to do so.

Sometimes, giving up flowers can be a selfless act that really heals the relationship. When you want to say goodbye in a respectful way, or even celebrate your newly recognized single, there are gifts for this situation.

A Bouquet of Flowers

A gift to an ex who is about to get married. You must attend his wedding. Flowers are a suitable wedding gift because you will be given flowers by many people, so you will not stand out. Keep a strategic distance from the red roses, because they are a symbol of affection and love. A medium-sized mixed flower bouquet will do the job for you. Congratulations to the couple, send bouquets via online flower delivery and leave the venue as soon as possible.

A Diary

A new page that marks the beginning of something new may be what others need. In that diary, he or she can write a new chapter in their life.


Perfume is not considered a good gift for loved ones. Since you are not restricted now, give your ex the perfume you always wanted to give. This is an ideal post-breakup gift, with many varieties. The sense of smell also helps to evoke good memories.

Photo Collage

If you want to make a good impression on your partner, this is another perfect gift! Photos are undoubtedly the best way to record good memories. If you want to remember all the good memories you share, the photo collage is the ideal way. Because you are not together at this time, do not use any sentimental and romantic images. On the other hand, find photos of your best memories with them, from the occasion, they are happier, and the two of you are very happy! They will take good care of this gift because it is an essential part of their lives.

Share Emotional And Sad Shayari

If you understand what we mean, you can share your feelings in the form of sad Shayari in Hindi.

Your Absence And Prayer (for future life)

This is the best gift. If you really bless him/her, then pray for his/her future happiness. If you think they should accept your invitation in any way, please send them a card with a congratulatory letter. But try to be objective and never mention your romantic past; write as if you are congratulating an acquaintance because, at this point, that is what she is. Now there is no place for you in her life: you are not a friend, relative or family member, You were a boyfriend, and that position in her life is now permanently occupied by her spouse. Wish her all the best and keep going.

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