Every woman wants to look beautiful and perfect, irrespective of her age and you have the challenge of dresses in trend. Yes, that’s true and with the right shapewear, you can literally do wonders, especially if you like experimenting with different dresses and looks. All you need is a perfect plus size shapewear which fits your body type and you will get an amazing transformation and brilliant outfit look.

There are a lot of myths about women shapewear, let us take a look at some and burst them.

  • Shapewear should be super tight to bring all the flab and bulge into shape. No, it is false! If you purchase shapewear which cuts down your circulation or limits your movement or makes it tough for you to breath, then you are playing with your health. Always buy a shapewear according to your regular underwear size.
  • Shapewear is just meant to be worn on special events. Not at all true! Women shapewear is no longer lavish attire and can only be worn for special occasions. You can wear them on daily basis below your office dress, jeans or any dress you want.
  • It hurts to wear them and take them off! Seriously not true at all! Shapewear are manufactured from light weight fabrics and stretchy materials which are comfortable to wear. You can even look for cheap shapewear which are comfortable as well.

It is very important to choose the right shapewear to look good. Choose styles which enhance your body figure and assets. Every woman has a distinctive body shape and we usually fall in one of the groups mentioned below:

Banana Shape: Equally lean from top to bottom. Going for a high control panty will do wonders for this body type. It is recommended for all day shaping, tucking in your abdominal flab and providing your back an amazing lift. Women can purchase it to enhance their figure.

Apple Shape: Proportionally bigger above body part. You need a medium control stomach shaping girdle to get an ideal figure for this body type. Body shapers which help in flattening the stomach bulge and render support to the weak abdomen muscles are recommended for you. Waist trainer for women will give you a suitable body figure.

Pear Shape: Possibly the best-known shape! They have wider hips and their waist measures are lesser than their bust measures. You need a high control thigh shaper for this body type to get a sleek and beautiful figure.

Hourglass Shape: Getting bigger from above and below at the same time. This body figure puts on even weight all over your body and the major problem parts are the lower belly and saddle bags. You need a low control high waist brief to work here. It will give you seamless and effortless look, irrespective of what you are wearing.

So, now that you are clear about what body type should wear what body shapewear, it is time you choose the best one for you. You can look for wholesale body shapers online and place your order sitting at home. If you want a perfect hourglass figure, then you should choose waist trainer for plus size women and you will get your ideal figure.

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