Is it difficult at times for your kid to learn his/her spelling words for his/her vocabulary test? Since spellquiz.com realizes that understanding and learning new words can be really daunting for children much of the time as they seem to be unfamiliar with them, due to which they have a hard time memorizing them.

As they consider studies a burden and get tired way too quickly,which is why  children appear to run away from it. A child’s growing and imaginative mind tends to attract the things they find fascinating or are curious about so parents or teachers could however tackle their young minds with such fun tricks and tasks for study that can develop their interest in that specific activity. 

Considering your concerns about your child’s study spellquiz brought some innovative and interesting activities that can aid your child in learning his / her daily grade 6 spelling words  as well as spelling bee words.

Spell quiz website offers you with a list of useful activities, such as sight test, vocabulary test, spelling lessons.spelling bee, and much more for different levels and grades according to your child’s understanding.

Below are some tips that will definitely help your child in achieving better results.

Defining a word

Word’s definitions allow a person to clarify the idea that a particular word is presenting so that it can be easily used in daily conversation. We all are familiar with the fact that learning requires understanding and in order to understand something one should have to be familiar with the meaning and usage of that particular word.

Defining a spelling word has a positive impact on a child as it encourages their comprehension as well as elaborates its use, therefore make your child habitual of the  concept of learning words with their definitions so that they get a good understanding of spellings words.

Understanding the phonetics of a word

Identifying the phonetics of a word is quite essential for a child as it gives them the idea of more than half of the letters in a word which will further assist them in memorizing the spellings for grade 6 due to which they will not find it challenging or get exhausted by the length of a spelling word.

Start by breaking down the phonics of a word into three segments i.e first, middle, and last, then let your child memorize them individually first and then after getting the complete understanding of the letters in a word pronounce the whole world and check if your child gets every letter accurately in a spelling word.

Copy, cover and spell

Practice makes perfect, we all have heard this phrase at some point in our life and in many cases it often works so why not use this trick in studying for a spelling test.

The idea of writing a word three times makes a child tired before even starting, which is fair because it is a part of human nature to find the shortest way to get any task done, so let’s move it the other way around. This trick will take less of both time and effort so it’s just perfect for your child to get his spelling learning done really fast.

Let your child write a word with complete focus and then hide the word and ask him/her to spell it. In the beginning it might take a few tries but eventually he/she will get the idea and with proper focus they will guess it in one go.

Red vowels blue consonants 

The purpose behind writing vowels with red and consonants with blue is to identify the number of vowels and consonants, their sound and their placement in a word. It also helps in sighting vowels and consonants separately which will contribute in fast memorization of a word.

Illustrate your spelling word

I do not find anything more creative than illustrating your thoughts on a piece of paper, if we talk about kids drawing and coloring is one of their favorite things to do. Ask your child to draw a picture in front of their spelling for grade 6  that represents their word or remind them of the word they are learning. This is the easiest yet fun way to study for a spelling test.

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