Getting older spirits seem like a simple mathematical equation: the larger the quantity and the longer it ages would be the rarer spirit. Proper? Not all the time, in truth. In nearly all circumstances, older whiskey and spirits are of upper worth. Nonetheless, with tequila, you should be cautious to not over-age the liquor, or it is going to lose its agave taste. In La tequilla store, there are a lot of sorts are often called growing old and the quantity of agave utilized in tequila manufacturing. Every kind has a definite taste, scent, and value.


Reposado means “reposado,” and these tequilas mature in hardwood barrels for 2 months to a 12 months. Its hue is commonly a lightweight amber. With traces of vanilla, butter, and brown sugar, the flavors are considerably woodier and fewer herbaceous.


Tequilas aged one to a few years are often called anejos, which interprets to “outdated” or “aged.” The hues of the wooden get extra golden because it ages. You could anticipate a smoother tequila with notes of spice, earth, smoke, vanilla, caramel, and peat. Due to the in depth maturation, anejos are sometimes extra expensive than reposados, but the 2 are interchangeable for many drinks. I like to recommend beginning with reposado and seeing the way you get pleasure from it earlier than investing in an anejo.


Blanco tequila means “white,” often known as silver tequila. These tequilas are bottled maybe instantly after distillation or resting in hardwood barrels. French and American oak barrels get utilized, however for as much as 60 days, some companies make use of historic Spanish sherry casks. These tequilas’  from La tequilla store tastes and smells is perhaps herbaceous, flowery, lemony, and considerably fruity. Poblano and inexperienced pepper vegetable notes might prevail.


Tequilas are all mezcals, however mezcals should not all tequilas. Tequila can solely acquired manufactured from blue agave, however mezcal might get from as much as 28 totally different agave species. For a number of days, agave is ceaselessly cooked underground on sizzling rocks or over cone-shaped flames. In consequence, the spirit has smokey tastes and smells. Mezcal is commonly sweeter and heavier than tequila. Mezcal is for you in case you like peated Scotch whisky and the perfume of smoky barbecues.

Additional Anejo:

Anejos get aged in wooden for 3 years. These are the costliest tequilas and will get consumed completely to benefit from the subtleties of taste, perfume, and ability. The style is woody, with a extra outstanding burned caramel taste harking back to outdated whiskey or rye. It’s price the fee if you wish to develop into a tequila fanatic.

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