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Kerala is dwelling to distinctive Arya-Indian and Tamil-Dravidian ‘kala’. It’s mirrored by the humanities, crafts, historical past, language, martial arts, and meals. The mythological dance drama isespecially an integral a part of their cultural heritage. Most of the types are carried out at temples throughout festivals. These are identified for distinctive costumes, fantastically synchronized actions, and beautiful expression. Whereas a few of them have gained recognition solely inside Kerala, the others have crossed borders and bought worldwide acceptance.

A mesmerizing expertise is awaited after you deboard the Chennai to Kochi flight. Vacationers principally come to soak into the melody and rhythm of the gripping efficiency. Beneath are just a few of the frequent dance types it’s essential to not miss in your journey.


Thisclassical dance originated over 500 years in the past. It’s well-known for the heavy make-up and substantial mudras of the palm and hand. The costume consists of junk jewelry, headgear, and a swirled skirt. ‘Katha’ means story and ‘Kali’ means to play. The performers normally inform a narrative of human feelings by vivid expressions. Different matters embody non secular concepts, non secular legends, and people mythologies fromdifferent granths and epics.

A lesser reality about Kathakali is that there are 5 sorts of face make-up. These are often called Vesham. Each represents Kathi, Minukku, Kari, Pacha, and Thadi.


It is a sleek sensual semi-classical dance type of Kerala. It has its roots within the temples with a robust reference to Indian folklore. A solo lady normally performs in dazzling white and gold costumes, jasmine garland, and conventional jewelry. The distinctiveness lies within the lovely eye actions Mohini means ‘maiden’ and ‘yattam’ means dance within the native language. Attempt to catch a present on the academies and museums that host the efficiency earlier than heading again in your Kochi to Chennai flight.


The dance originatedwas within the 18th century by Malayalam poet Kalakkaththu Nambair. The dancers are seen in loud make-up and vibrant costumes. The dance kind was beforehand used to criticize the kings and leaders. In the present day it narrates tales from Indian mythology and is solely meant for leisure functions. The hand actions, leaping, and expressions evoke laughter. It’s both carried out solo or in a bunch.


This beneficial artwork kind is carried out by teenage girls and boys. It’s primarily based on Natyashastra the place the females belonging from the Nangiyar group and males from the Chakkiyar group come collectively. The dance is held inside temples for six to twenty days. You possibly can see musical backgrounds of cymbals and drums. Different musical devices concerned are Sankhu, Kuzhitalam, Mizhavu, and Kurumkuzhal together with Sanskrit verses.


The Dravidian dance kind is available in 400 variations. Probably the most celebrated ones are Kari Chamundi, Gulikan, Pottan, and Rakhta Chamundi. The viewers can see a superb combination of music, motion, characters, and feelings with out uttering a single phrase. It’s carried out as a tribute to Goddess Kali. The dancers are adorned with unique make-up and vibrant costumes. The primary musical devices used are Chenda and Veekkuchenda.

Don’t neglect to take a look at Kolkali, Thumpi Thullal, Chakyar Koothu, and Velakali earlier than boarding your Kochi to Chennai flight again dwelling.

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