Our life has become busy and tedious every day. In a tough time, we look for something that can distract us from our troubles, take away our stress, and have some fun. We need something to entertain us. Movies are the most significant entertainment source as they take us into a different world and enthrall us. Each story will take us into a fantasy world, and so much drama happens in a couple of hours. We connect to those characters, empathize with them, and forget all our problems. Movies will take us to a fun world where we live carefreely and have some fun.

Drama is a critical factor in every movie, as it enhances our emotions. Telugu movies have so much excitement that we easily get connected to the characters and will solace our hearts with the emotions. These Telugu drama movies will help us cope up, give us time to fix, help us forget our struggles, and give us the desire to bounce back. Below are a few Telugu drama movies that will take us on a rollercoaster of emotions.

SeetammaVakitloSirimalleChettu:This story revolves around a happy man and his two sons, who are a contrast in nature. When differences creep in the family, how did the brothers sort them out and set an example for an ideal family? SrikanthAddala directed this family entertainer, and Mahesh Babu, Victory Venkatesh, Prakash Raj, Samantha, Anjali, and Jayasudha played the key roles. Considered as one of the best multi-starrer, this film has a good dose of entertainment.

Vedam: Five people from diverse walks of life are brought together through bizarre coincidences, find their lives entwined after terrorists wreak havoc at the hospital, and the incidents that follow leave their lives changed forever. While Krish directed this emotional flick, AlluArjun, Manchu Manoj, Anushka, ManojBajpayee played the lead roles.

MeeSreyobhilashi:Rajaji leads a group of people who are unable to solve their problems and wish to commit suicide. While this news reaches the police, they are in search of the group. Rajendra Prasad, Naresh, Nasser played essential roles. V. Eshwar Reddy directed this beautiful film.

Rakhi:Rakhi, an aspiring station master, is madly is devasted after his sister is killed in a gruesome murder by her in-laws for dowry. Angered and tenacious to seek justice, Rakhi finds himself lost in the atrocities faced by women and sets off on a spree to kill all the misogynists. Krishna Vamshi directed this emotional film and Jr. NTR, Ileana, Kota SrinivasaRao, Chandramohan played important roles.

SimhaRashi:NarasimhaRaju is a simple yet wealthy man who helps everyone in the village. He sees every woman as his sister and even conducts their marriages. Things change unusually when a girl proposes him. V. Samudra directed this family emotional entertainer, and Rajashekar played the lead role.

Yuvaraju:Srinivas and Srivalli are in love and decide to get married. But fate has a different plan in their life when Srilatha and her son come to the engagement ceremony.

Apart from these Telugu drama movies, you will find many other Telugu drama flicks on aha.

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