Who doesn’t like to give a good makeover to their living space? Indian art paintings have the potential to turn a dreary wall into the focus of attention. Antique pieces contribute to a great extent in giving homes and offices an authentic look. We’re here to feed your artistic mind with different home decor ideas. Here are the top 10 forms of paintings you just cannot miss!

1.Abstract Paintings

If you are someone who is keen to give your office an easy makeover, then Abstract art is for you. Abstract paintings are thought unique and unrealistic. You may find it difficult to understand these bold paintings at first, but they will undoubtedly make sure to lift the aura and add a pop of colour to your living environment. What a statement will these make!

2. Landscape Paintings

Hanging Landscape art in your room is the simplest and easiest way to transform the overall vibe of a place. This form of art is praised for its versatility and breathtaking ambiance. In case you are having a bad day, glancing at these paintings will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Elements of soothing blue skies, mountains, beautiful sunset, deep oceans, and dense forests will enthuse you with a magical mood and will make you pumped up for the next day.

3. Buddha Paintings

Another form of widely used painting is Buddha painting. For centuries, Buddhists and Hindus have been considering Buddha paintings as a sign of prosperity, harmony, and happiness. The presence of Lord Buddha paintings at homes and offices will promote a more balanced mindset and reduce stress and negative energy. It brings a sense of peace, great fortune, and joy. Although you can hang these paintings anywhere in your home, the living room is the ideal location. Moreover, to channelize the positive energy, it is best to put the Buddha facing towards the main door. While buying these paintings, ensure that it is original and of supreme quality.

4. Pichwai Paintings

Developed over 400 years ago, Pichwai is a greatly recognized form of art in Rajasthan’s Nathdwara temple. These visually stunning paintings are detailed and sometimes take months to get completed. Pichwai depicts tales of Lord Krishna and is the best example of spirituality in art.

5. Seven Horses Paintings

A Seven Horse Painting in homes and offices ensures Prosperity, Goodluck and Progress. In Vaastu, horses symbolize power and success. This painting should be placed only on the Southern wall. If you are a working professional, a seven-horse painting will ensure your career enhancement and will bring financial stability to your life. Bring this artwork and experience the difference.

6. Floral Paintings

Do you like bright colourful flowers? Do you have a busy life? Well, we got you a solution. Placing floral paintings in your room will spread positive energy and good vibes. The soothing effect of flowers will make a significant change in your lifestyle and will help you solve problems without taking stress.

7. Radha Krishna Paintings

Admired as one of the best living room paintings, the charm of a Radha Krishna painting is evergreen and will never fade away. Placing them in your house will fill your place with peace and happiness. You can also hang these enchanting paintings in your puja room. This artwork is a depiction of the tale of Radha Krishna and the eternal love that existed between them. North-east direction is considered to be the ideal place to hang these paintings.

8. Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani painting is a wonderful combination of beauty and splendor. If you want to inject bright colours in a boring space, the framed art of Madhubani is what you should go for. Originated around 2,500 years ago, these artworks are made by using the artist’s fingers and the vibrant dyes derived from plants.

9. Kalighat Paintings

Kalighat paintings were loved by a plethora of artists for their bold outlines during the 19th-century. Today evolved from handmade paper, you can now see Kalighat art on Sarees and Blouses. These paintings are a good pick to spice up the entire look of your house.

10. Gond Paintings

With its origin in Madhya Pradesh, Gond art is greatly practiced by the Gond tribe. These folk-art paintings are perfect to give your home an Indian theme.


Now, if you are an art lover looking to opt for traditional yet contemporary paintings, it’s time for you to make a choice. Pick one of these top 10 paintings in India and don’t forget to let us know your favourite!

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