Starting with the question, what is fantasy cricket league? So the answer to it is fantasy cricket is a game application which has become a famous source of entertainment for people and is loved by them. Cricket is a game that is enjoyed and loved by a vast population in different countries. In India cricket has wide fan base. IPL has gained immense popularity over the world. The main reason for it is that players from all around the world join in to form teams and play friendly matches. Not only people love watching IPL but can now also become a part of it by participating in online games and also get a chance to earn money through it. In fantasy league the participants can become owner of the team they created of virtually by selecting the players of their choice.

There are multiple opinions to play fantasy cricket games online through these virtual gaming apps, these virtual platforms are trying and improving day by day and have been successful in gaining the public confidence. There are plenty of virtual platforms that support these kinds of playing strategies but it is advised that the user checks for the credibility of the platform on his own because with the increasing demand for these virtual platforms, there is also a risk of digital security as many fake websites/ application fraud cases has come to light in recent time. However, the innovation introduced by these platforms is incomparable and this innovation will bring a revolutionary change in the gaming platforms not only in India but all over the globe.

One should play these games as a source of entertainment and not on speculation. Playing these games on blind foot and without any significant knowledge of the sport or player can lead to losses as money is involved in the game. So the working of the game is somewhat like this that the user has an option to select the match that is going to be live on that particular day. The user can have to make a team before the match begins. The user has the option to select from the 22 players that are going to play in that particular match. If the user selects a player that is not playing the match, then no points are credited to the user for that player. The user will select his team and choose his/her captain and vice captain. The points are multiplied based on the captain and vice captain and the player that have been selected.

The user can see the live score of their team and their overall score among all other participants. it was mostly played by cricket fans but now even the non-cricket fans are showing their interest regarding the game equally. A number of people enter into this virtual world and have shown a good amount of interest in learning about how to play this game. Once the team is formed the team will receive points based on the actual performance of the players in the real world.With the advancements of technology, these kinds of applications have become a replacement of physical games and activities because of the time pass and entertainment which they provide at one’s convenience and comfort. Such platforms have also become a source through which people can showcase their talent in a different way. So, the individuals can very easily use their existing knowledge associated with the game so that they can make several kinds of decisions and can win the game very easily. Now we talk about the advantages associated with playing the fantasy league they are as below:

1. Opportunity to gain: An IPL fantasy league game besides providing a platform to play games also allows an individual to win cash prize. One can make a group by selecting and adding different players and win cash prizes by making the accurate and best possible guesses. People playing these games get an opportunity to win the product they are wild about. One can win every day or weekly or can use the amount won by them to redeem them by buying stuff from their online stores. Some stages let an individual also earn virtual cash. Such platform provides people with an opportunity to gain without making an investment.

2. Using mind in a productive manner: It provides people with an opportunity to use their mind in a productive manner rather than sitting idle. It is different than the other games that are available online and are a waste of time.

3. Fun activity: Besides providing an opportunity to earn money it is also a fun activity that keeps the participants occupied and entertained. A user can make their teams accordingly and also mix and match based on what they feel is best.

4. Interesting: A budget is provided while selecting the players just like the actual auction so it gives the user an experience that is real and makes the game overall more interesting.

5. Convenient and safe: This type of platform is safe as well as secure and even the law is considering them as legal. Such platforms are not considered under the category of gambling and the best part is that these kinds of platforms also have several kinds of guidelines which are to be followed by the people. Moreover, they provide an added convenience as the participant can play it at their convenience and comfort anywhere and according to the time that suits them.

One can play fantasy cricket game online safely as they have set of legal rules binding them. Such rules make it a more trustworthy and secure platform. The participant can have fun without spending money. So it provides monetary as well as non monetary benefits. It also provides an option to create group with specified entry fees for each member of the group. It is advisable that people should participant only after gaining complete knowledge of the rules and risk clearly to enjoy the game more.

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