TOP dream destinations: sights not to be missed!
TOP dream destinations: sights not to be missed!


Welcome to the  One day One  Travel Blog . We present you our  TOP  dream destinations in the world . Beautiful mountains, lakes with unreal colors, beautiful oceans with fabulous islands. Our beautiful planet has many beautiful places and breathtaking landscapes. They are waiting for you. Let’s discover them together. We have selected for you  20 destinations : tourist sites not to be missed and that we will soon have visited!

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This Top is in 4 parts:

1. Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego

The archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, between Chile and Argentina, is a land of legends where Nature is virgin and wild. It was during a cruise expedition that we explored the most beautiful natural sites of the extreme south of the American continent. This unique adventure in one of the most beautiful and remote regions of the world will remain unforgettable. The Grail of thisexpedition from the end of the world open to all is to set foot on the most southern point of America, the legendary Cape Horn.

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From Punta Arenas to Chile to  Ushuaiain Argentina, this cruise between glaciers and fjords is awe-inspiring. From the Beagle Channel glaciers to the Magellanic penguins on the Tucker islets, the unforgettable expeditions are linked together.

  • Travel idea : a few days in Santiago de Chile to visit the city and why not go on an expedition. Flight 3 hours later to Punta Arenas where begins the unforgettable cruise of 5 days. Then flight 3:30 from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires to enjoy the austral summer in the capital of Argentina. The circuit in the opposite direction is possible too.
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  • Find here our story on this cruise in Tierra del Fuego with all our advice to leave and live this dream cruise .

2. Ascension of volcanoes in East Java

Java as Bali in Indonesia are names that dream lovers of islands and paradise beaches and a dream vacation in the sun . But these dream islands also have a culture, even cultures, and lands of incredible beauty to explore as the two most beautiful active volcanoes in Indonesia: Bromo and Kawah Ijen . It was during a 3-day expedition with a local agency run by a passionate volcano enthusiast that we explored these two monsters of Nature. In addition to the beautiful landscapes, the Adventure is a great  human adventure to share as a duo, with friends or family like us. The most beautiful visual slap will remain the sunrise on the Bromo since the remain Kingkong view point  at the exact moment when the sea of ​​clouds begins to dissipate leaving 17 volcanoes. A truly magical moment

  • Shipping possible depending on the weather. The high season is in July and August .
  • Ideal shipping idea from Bali . It was during our 4th trip to Indonesia, during the summer of 2017, that we had the chance to test this expedition.One of the highlights of our 3 weeks in Bali , Java, Gili Asahan and Gili Meno . A nice program to find in our blog articles.
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3. Dream destination: Northern Norway between fjords and aurora borealis

We go from hot to cold in this TOP 20 dream destinations. Welcome to Northern Norway. The Lofoten Islands offer grandiose scenery with snowy fjords and villages with red houses. And who has not dreamed of going on the Northern Lights hunt ? After the Nordic activities that can be practiced in the region, at night, the show is of course in the sky.

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We will keep the 100 km scenic route from Svolvaer to Ballstad. It is not uncommon to see wild animals such as sea ​​eagles in the sky or whales at sea.

  • We went to northern Norway in March. The road trip is possible but the snow is still present. July and August are the most favorable months if you prefer to explore these landscapes especially in hiking mode.
  • Find here our story about this dream holiday in northern Norway with all our advice.
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4. Coron and EL Nido or the pearls of the Philippines

Coron is the final bouquet of our Philippines travel itinerary . The Philippine archipelago is home to dozens of paradise islands and it is never easy to plan your itinerary there. But a tip, do not miss a stay in Coron and El Nido during your trip. Twoboat tours are absolutely necessary to admire the unique landscapes and beaches of this region of the world. From gigantic limestone cliffs to crystal-clear lagoons, from lakes to heavenly beaches that invite you to contemplate and escape , this is the program of unforgettable, paradise island tours who are waiting for you in Coron and El Nido.

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