Tubal Ligation


Tubal ligation is a surgical process to stop being pregnant by closing your fallopian tubes. The physician removes, cuts, ties or blocks your fallopian tubes by open or laparoscopic surgical procedure. The finest gynaecologist in Bangalore can recommend an skilled surgeon carry out the process.

What to Anticipate After Tubal Ligation?

Chances are you’ll expertise stomach ache for just a few days after surgical procedure. If you happen to acquired a laparoscopy, you may also endure modifications in your bowels or have again/shoulder ache or a swollen stomach for just a few days. It’s attributable to the gasoline utilized by the physician to look at your organs carefully. Take the medicines as prescribed to assist with the ache.

If you happen to had a laparoscopy within the gynaecology hospital, you could take 1 week to get well. If you happen to had a mini-laparotomy, you could want as much as 3 weeks to get well. Restoration might take longer should you had this process after having a child.

Being pregnant can be prevented straight away. Nevertheless, think about ready to have intercourse till you’re feeling comfy. The perfect gynaecologist in Bangalore will let you recognize the fitting time for that.

How one can Look After Your self at House?


  • Take relaxation while you get drained.
  • Keep energetic and take a look at strolling.
  • Let your physique heal. Keep away from lifting heavy issues or shifting rapidly till you get higher.
  • Keep away from swimming for the primary 2 weeks or till you’re allowed by your physician. Pat your incision dry after having a shower.

Weight-reduction plan

  • You possibly can eat a standard weight-reduction plan. Attempt low-fat bland meals like yoghurt, toast, broiled rooster and plain rice when you have an upset abdomen.
  • Drink a number of fluids until advisable in any other case by the physician. He/she might however recommend a light laxative, stool softener or fibre.
  • When you’ve got irregular bowel actions following surgical procedure, keep away from straining and constipation.


  • The physician will let you recognize whether or not and when you can begin taking medicines once more, and advocate new medicines if wanted.
  • If you happen to ceased to make use of a blood thinner like aspirin, ask your physician whether or not and when you’ll be able to start taking it.
  • When you’ve got acquired any prescription drugs to alleviate ache, take it as advisable.
  • If you happen to aren’t taking a prescribed drugs for ache, you’ll be able to ask the physician whether or not you’ll be able to take an OTC drugs.

Incision Care

  • If there are strips of tape in your incision, allow them to be till they fall off.
  • Wash the location every single day utilizing soapy heat water and pat it dry. Keep away from utilizing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. They will hamper therapeutic.
  • Enable the location to remain dry and clear. Chances are you’ll cowl it with a gauze bandage to stop it from rubbing in opposition to garments or discharging fluid.
  • Change your bandage day by day.

Different Directions

  • Put on comfy, free clothes. For some weeks, don’t put on something that exerts stress on the abdomen.
  • You possibly can apply a heating pad on the abdomen to handle ache.

Other than post-surgery care at house, follow-up care is vital. Be sure that to attend all appointments. Contemplate calling the perfect gynaecologist in Bangalore should you expertise any problems.

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