Type of Fabric for Handmade Cushions
Type of Fabric for Handmade Cushions

There are many types of fabric you can use to make handmade cushions. Wool and silk are both luxurious fabrics, but they are expensive. Alpaca is another soft, durable material, but it is not as expensive as wool. However, if you want to make your handmade cushions last for years, you will want to invest in a quality cover. The first step in creating a quality cushion is choosing the type of fabric.

Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is a sturdy, resilient fabric that is often waterproof. Outdoor fabrics can be purchased by the yard, or you can protect the cushions with Scotchgard Protectant. Linen fabrics are attractive and hard-wearing, but some types can wrinkle. Alternatively, you can choose microfiber fabric for a cushion. A good quality microfiber fabric is durable and will withstand high traffic. You can find a wide range of different types of fabric at a discount at a local fabric warehouse.

Cotton canvas is an attractive, durable fabric. You can buy a variety of outdoor fabrics by the yard. You can also apply Scotchgard Protectant to protect the cushions if they are going to be outdoors. Other types of fabric are more suitable for indoors. You can choose cotton or linen for your interiors, depending on how much use the cushion will get. While cotton and linen are a beautiful choice, they aren’t very practical for outdoor use. You might want to choose a material with a waterproof finish.

If outdoor,

For outdoor cushions, the best option is polypropylene fabric. This was among the first marine fabrics, and is known for its superior UV resistance. This type of fabric also dries quickly when wet and has no dye sites. The trend to have an outdoor living space is making this type of fabric more common. With outdoor cushions, it’s important to consider the weather and climate where you live. The right type of fabric for your home can make a big difference in your life.

It’s best to choose fabric that is water-resistant and stain-resistant. For indoors, you can choose more luxurious fabrics. The most common type of fabric for cushion covers is a mix of cotton and linen. Not only are these fabrics washable, but they also prevent the cushion covers from creased and are durable. You can also use chenille fabric, which is soft and made of synthetic polyester fibres.

You can also use linen for outdoor cushions. The downsides of canvas and cotton are that they are both expensive and don’t last very long. Leather is also more expensive than other materials, so you will have to be more careful with it. It isn’t possible to choose the perfect fabric for your handcrafted cushion.


For an outdoor cushion, polypropylene is the most appropriate choice. This type of fabric is a great choice for outdoor use. It is a durable fabric that is UV resistant, so it is a good option for outdoor cushions. It is also breathable, so it is a great option for outdoors. These cushions are also very practical. These can be used to keep the weather out, and can be placed in the backyard or on a patio.


Before sewing, you need to cut the fabric into strips. The wrong side should be facing up. Then, fold the fabric over 1.5cm and trace the perimeter of the foam. Then, cut the fabric through both layers. A 4″ tall strip will run along the front of the cushion, which will be padded. This piece should be the same height as the long side of the cushion plus 1″ for seam allowance. The short side pieces should be three inches longer than the long sides of the cushion.

Aside from being an excellent investment for any home, the fabric is also the best way to add style and color to a room. There are many different types of fabric to choose from, and the right choice is essential for your home. If you are unsure of the type of fabric you want, consult a fabric expert before making the final product. It will save you time and money and help you make a beautiful cushion.

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