Many people are under the impression that air miles can only be earned after buying flight tickets. In reality, there are many other ways to redeem points so that one has a truly rewarding flying experience. Keep reading to know more.

Rewarding air miles is a gesture of gratitude that loyalty programs extend to their valued customers who choose them for making their flight bookings. While booking flights is the usual way to earn such miles, some programs enable its members to earn miles by indulging in a host of activities connected to the programs.

Here are five ways in which you can earn air miles without even flying.

Using Credit Cards

This is the most sought-after option by most frequent flyers as most of the spending via them yields reward points and diversified deals. Choosing a co-brand credit card helps you fasten the process of earning miles by enabling you to earn them directly on every spend.

Some banks, in partnership with travel and lifestyle programs, offer a welcome bonus for signing up to the program. The welcome bonus could be in the form of bonus miles, free flights, etc.

Incentives are also provided once you reach an expenditure milestone. These incentives can be in the way of an increased rate of earnings, lounge access at airports, etc.

If you don’t have a credit card, opting for a co-branded one can be a great choice to maximise your miles earning potential.

Shopping On The Go

Some programs partner with renowned e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, and also have their very own online shopping sites. When you log in to these portals through your loyalty program website, you can earn miles on every rupee spent on these websites. This can be a great way to earn miles while you satiate your shopping hunger.

However, do note that there might be a minimum transaction value that qualifies you for miles.

Filling Fuel

Who says you have to be in the air to earn miles? Travelling on the road can earn you some miles too. Some programs enable you to earn miles every time you refuel your car at select gas stations. While refuelling, you just have to check if it is an authorised partner of your program and provide them with your membership number at the time of making the payment.

Read and Fly

Magazines are the best way to spend lounge time whether you are waiting for a flight or just because you enjoy reading. But what if you can be at ease with a glossy paperback in your hands and also earn attractive deals on air miles at the same time? Some magazines like The Economist dole out air miles whilst also enhancing your knowledge and vocabulary.

Squeeze Miles from Unused Loyalty Programs

Check your email or SMS inbox for the number of loyalty programs you are a part of, and you’d be surprised. With the free opening of membership account every time you transact at most outlets, you’ll practically have countless unused points collectively in these programs. Some frequent flyer programs allow you to convert these unused points into more usable miles for future use.

Frequent flyer programs that also double as lifestyle and travel program can provide many benefits to its members. From the option of earning and redeeming miles for booking flight tickets to earning miles from a whole list of options such as the ones mentioned above, it is a program that is easy to manage and comes with many added perks. If you’re not yet a part of one, choose a program that offers flexible options of accumulating and using the points.

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