Anyone online knows that a domain name registration is very important to launch a website online. Once you have registered your domain, it is very important to seeka domain renewal after the specified period before it expires. What would happen if you do not renew your domain? Let us see what are the consequences of losing your domain name.

What if you do not renew your domain on time?

In case you fail to renew your domain, you will:

Lose your identity

If your domain expires, you will lose your domain name and the credibility of your business. It could be disastrous for your website will lose its identity and it will take 24 to 48 hours to renew it. During this time period, your website will see a downfall of 30 percent in terms of ranking if an outage occurs for just 6 hours. Hence, just imagine what if your website experiences downtime for 48 hours. Losing a domain name is equal to starting all over again.

Competitors could claim your website

Unless you renew your domain, anyone like competitors could claim it. You will get a renewal grace period of 30 to 40 days to renew the domain after the expiry date. If you fail to renew even after the grace period, the website will be moved to redemption period, and that would last for 30 days. However, the cost of the renewal during this period is very expensive when compared to that during the grace period. After 5 days of the redemption period, your domain name will be available to the public, and anyone can use your domain name.

All accounts will be redirected

All your business links, traffic, followers, media account and everything will be redirected to the new account. Apart from this, all email, would be suspended and you cannot interact with your customers and clients.

Others could use your website as parking pages

If a domain expires, someonecan use your webpages as parking pages to get money. This will severely affect your search engine rankings. Furthermore, the search engines will attempt to check your availability again and again, which will also affect your website ranking

What are the benefits of on-time domain renewal?

You need not worry about a domain renewal as there are several plans offered by domain registrars for a stipulated time of 1 to 10 years. You can choose your plan conveniently based on your budget. If you renew your website name, you will get several benefits such as:

  • Authority on your domain name
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Guaranteed higher uptime
  • Peace of mind
  • Protection from fraud and malicious activities
  • Preservation of your identity

A website owner will have all the rights on the website once he or she seeks the renewal. In addition, a domain renewal before it expires will not cost much. Therefore, to maintain a smart and up-to-date domain name, one must pay attention to the notices, reminder e-mails and alerts regarding the domain renewal sent by the registrar. Most importantly, there is also an autorenewal option to renew it on time.

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