Most of the people want to explore the desert safari Dubai once in their lifetime. Some have included this option into their bucket list. Tourists around the world love to visit Dubai and its alluring deserts.

One of the most adventurous and exciting parts of the Dubai tour is exploring the desert. Everyone should get the experience of exploring deserts at least once in life. Exploring desert safari Dubai with your friends or family is an audacious activity.

The activities that deserts offer are the trigger points that attract thousands of people to get wonderful experiences in the desert safari in Dubai. You can get even a thrilling entertainment and electrifying experience after visiting desert safari in Dubai.

There is much more to explore in the deserts of Dubai than adventurous activities. You should also include a visit to Desert safari Dubai into your bucket list to make wonderful memories for a lifetime.

Attractions Of Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safari Dubai provides you a fantastic, adventurous, and exciting experience. You will also get the chance to indulge in the local culture of the emirate. Tourists get the opportunity to explore the Arabian desert too.

Moreover, people from different nationalities come to explore Bedouin life and glimpse the desert. Dubai became a tourist hub that is famous all over the world. It is included in the bucket list of most of the tourists nowadays.

Take a camera along with you to click the wonderful sceneries of the Arabian desert. Dubai desert safari also offers you electrifying safari rides. The exciting activities mesmerize the tourists that come to explore the desert from all over the world.

If you love adventures then the desert safari experience will be more exciting for you. Desert safari Dubai is an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts. The fun and thrilling activities include Quad Biking, Desert safari drive, BBQ, camel ride, dune bashing, and much more.

You can even enjoy belly dancing in the desert. There are many other activities in the desert that make your experience more memorable and adventurous.

Quad Biking

You can say that it is the most exciting activity that people love to do in desert safari Dubai. Anyone can choose this safe ride to explore the desert safari. Ride the 4*4 quad bike which is heavy and provides you the best experience on the desert sand.

It is one of the thrilling activities that adventure lovers admire. You can prefer this activity in the morning desert safari. Quad biking provides you much fun and entertainment. It even makes your day in the desert.

Sand-Boarding And Dune Bashing

It is another famous activity that provides great entertainment to the tourists. They love the sand boarding and dune bashing in the desert safari. Many people are excited about these activities. You will be extremely satisfied after doing these activities.

These are even worth doing activities for adventure enthusiasts. You will find dunes more thrilling in the activity of bashing. Another fun filling part in the desert is sandboarding.

Balancing yourself on the sandy land which is slippery provides you great fun. You will also get the opportunity to learn skateboarding in the desert.

Camel Rides

Take a camel ride in both morning and evening desert safari in the luxurious city Dubai. Explore the desert for 45 minutes on a camel ride. See the wildlife of the desert during the ride. Another best attraction of the desert safari is the falcon demonstration.

Take pictures of alluring sceneries and beautiful birds. Walk around the desert and explore it with your friends and family. Post amazing stories on Instagram that will mesmerize your followers.

BBQ Arabian Buffet 

We suggest you to never miss the lip-smacking taste of the BBQ Arabian buffet with the oozing flavors. You will be served with large buffets with many Arabian exotic dishes. Arabian dishes also include hummus, swarms, kebabs, and other traditional dishes.

Order Lebanese dishes to add more taste to your dinner. You will be served soft drinks and an unlimited number of beverages with the buffet.

Belly Dance Performance

Another unforgettable and amazing attraction of desert safari Dubai is the belly dance performance. Arabian music makes these performances more exciting. You can enjoy these performances at the time of your dinner. It truly introduces you to a vibe of Arabian night in desert safari.

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