Why Low-cost Airlines are the best option to Fly when Flying Domestic?
Why Low-cost Airlines are the best option to Fly when Flying Domestic?


Over the years of aviation history in India, consumer trends have shifted towards low-cost carriers today. Mentioned in this post are five reasons why a low-cost airline is preferred by many domestic travellers today.

In India, low-cost airlines for domestic travel are in high demand. In the long history of the aviation industry in India, the cost of both domestic and international flights was the same. Full-service carriers prevailed as compared to low-cost carriers. However, not long before the twentieth century, there was a sudden demand for low-cost carriers in domestic travel due to one basic reason- the ticket fare was low.

As customers love to march towards anything affordable yet good in quality, they want to reach their desired destination at the cheapest rate possible. Thus, to get a better grasp of the concept, here are the top five reasons to opt for low-cost airlines in domestic travel.

  1. The Prices are Super Cheap: The Indian market has a special affinity for low-cost services. This phenomenon challenges any special offers that are provided by full-time carriers. Many passengers choose a low-cost flight to fly to their destination than a costlier flight loaded with features.
  2. The Connectivity Offered is High: These low-cost carriers are popular for their high connectivity. Their high demand leads them to garner high revenue almost all year round. With this revenue, they manage and order a larger fleet of planes. These large fleets allow them to roll out new routes frequently. And many of these routes are to tier II and tier III cities. Another reason for the high penetration of low-cost carriers to regional locations is the extremely price-sensitive market it caters to.
  3. Global Fuel Price Surge Affects Low-cost Airlines Lesser: Despite an increase in airfare due to fuel prices, the ticket prices are not significantly costly compared to the full-service airlines. Low-cost airlines benefit from the economies of scale. You can reach from one destination to another without getting bothered by a minimum hike in the flight ticket price. Further high demand for low-cost airlines for domestic travel helps such airlines gain profits, preparing them better for handling the increasing fuel prices.
  4. Perfect for Short-haul Flights: Most domestic flights are for a shorter duration ranging between 45 minutes to 3 hours. Booking a flight ticket from low-cost airlines is convenient for passengers today. As compared to full-service airlines offering premium services on a three-hour flight, you are likely to choose low-cost airlines. A three-hour flight is hardly going to be enough to enjoy the premium services. For example, Pune to Ahmedabad distance by flight is 516 km and takes around one to one and a half hours. Booking a low-cost airlines flight ticket is logical than a premium full-service flight ticket.
  5. High Competition Among Low-cost Airlines Leads to Better Offers: India today has more low-cost carriers than full-service airlines catering to the domestic travel market.Many low-cost airlines are willing to provide great perks to their passengers due to competition. Moreover, many low-cost airlines in India have started conjoining travel loyalty programmes to their domestic flights to stand out in the competition. These programs ensure you earn miles every time you book a flight ticket through their websites, even with a low-cost airline.

Thus, you have ample reasons to book a domestic flight ticket from a low-cost airline. Domestic flights with low-cost airlines are good as you can reach your destination without spending a lot. Now that you are aware of the reasons, go ahead and book your domestic flight with a low-cost airline.

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