Prakash Raj is an Indian film actor who is very well known for his acting prowess. He is not just recognized for his exceptional acting skills, but he also can direct and produce impressive movies. Prakash was born in Bengalaru, Karnataka in 1965.


The main character “Chakram” is a returning student from abroad. He has a dream of building a hospital in Pulinvendula. He is in love with his colleague and his cousin though who studied with him abroad.

He left his love when he finds out he has cancer. He kept it a secret to her and instead he went to a place called Sahara Colony in Hyderabad. When he got there, he also tries to solve the problem of the people. There, he also met another woman. Will Chakram be a victor in this movie?


The plot is about a powerful village man with his two daughters. The village man does not believe in love or being married for love. His elder daughter, before the realization of her arranged marriage, decided to elope with a man. The village man not wanting his daughter to be married to anyone else had his men kidnap the friends of the man his daughter eloped with. One of the men kidnapped fell in love with the younger daughter of the village man. The story will now revolve on whether the man will be able to be with the younger daughter or if the village man lets them be together.


A son of a lovable couple, who came from a middle-class family, fell in love with the daughter of a strict and rich man. The two of them studies at a residential college located in a small town near them. When the father of the girl learned of the two falling in love he decided to get her away from the man and withdraw her from the school. He doesn’t approve of the man and his relationship with his daughter. What will happen to their story, will they have the change to be together?

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