5 Tips to Save Money on Your Fancy Dinners


How often has a dinner bill taken the wind out of your sails? Are restaurant bills burning a hole in your finances? Well, lucky for you, this article lists out several ways to enjoy that fancy meal without breaking your bank.

Dining out has become an integral part of people’s lifestyles today. There has been a surge of new restaurants catering to people with all kinds of tastes and lifestyles. Eating out can be super convenient; however, doing so frequently, can leave a huge hole in your pocket.

Here are ways to enjoy that exclusive dinner without it costing you a fortune.

  1. Credit Card Dining Programs: Your bank may offer great dining programs when you sign up for their credit or debit cards.You can avail discounts or cashback offers on your food bill across all participating restaurants and 5-star hotels. Dining programs could also include global dining privileges at premium restaurants. Another option is to select credit cards that offer exclusive dining privileges like 10%-25% off on a la carte items, cashback, reward points or complimentary drinks or starters.
  2. Explore Restaurants for Offers and Discounts: Explore restaurants for birthday discounts or festive celebrations. If you have a flexible schedule, opt for dining early in the week, when business is usually slow, and restaurants carry special offers to attract customers. You could also try dining during Happy Hours, a great time to save on your food bill. Although the portions are usually smaller, they come at almost half the cost.
  3. Split Your Meals: Meals served at most restaurants are getting ridiculously huge, and most often they come with extra sides. Meal portions are way more than what a single person can eat, and most of it gets wasted. Splitting an entrée with a friend or family member is a great way to have a decent-sized meal, cutting your dining expense to half.
  4. Take Advantage of Birthdays and Anniversaries: Most restaurants give you special discounts and offer on your birthday and anniversary dinners. From a discount on orders to a free serving, you can claim quite a few benefits. And if you are lucky, you could also be surprised by a birthday dessert after the meal along with a celebration song by the courteous staff. Or even a mascot appearance to go with the ideal sing-along song for the occasion.
  5. Earn Miles for Dining Out: You can earn air miles through online apps when you go out to dinner. For example, dine out offers extra miles and discounts on certain frequent flyer programs. These programs can get you impressive mileage points and rewards across the globe. Rack up air miles each time you dine at participating restaurants and get additional reward points using your credit card to pay for the food bill. These points could be redeemed for various benefits such as award flights, cabin upgrades, etc.

Spend Less Enjoy More

So, the next time you plan on dining out with family or friends, make sure to try out some of these saving hacks. Make it a fun-filled and relaxing gastronomical experience. As always, check for the fine print in all offers and discounts before you take them on.

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