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Sicbo, often known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu, is a conventional Chinese language cube sport that has been performed for hundreds of years. The Cantonese phrases “si” for cube and “bo” for desk mix to type the title “sic bo.” Gamers wager on the results of the throw of three cube on this sport of probability.  Over time, Sicbo has unfold past China and develop into fashionable in varied Asian casinos.

1. Historical past of Sicbo

Sicbo can hint its origins again to historic China, having been performed since at the least the Tune Dynasty between 960-1279 AD. It was a well-liked pastime loved by individuals from all walks of life. The sport was performed on particular tables and used three cube made out of animal knuckles or nuts. Gamers would wager on the totally different mixtures that might come up when the cube have been thrown.

As Chinese language tradition unfold all through Asia, so too did Sicbo. It emerged in Southeast Asian nations like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Finally, Sicbo made its approach to casinos in Macau and different components of Asia the place playing was legalized. In trendy instances, casinos upgraded the sport through the use of cube product of plastic with printed numbers and complicated automated tables. Nonetheless, the fundamental idea of betting on cube mixtures has remained the identical over the centuries.

2. Easy methods to Play Sicbo

Sicbo is performed on a semi-circular desk with the seller sitting reverse the gamers. The desk is fitted with quantity markings for the totally different bets that may be positioned. Three cube are thrown from a shaking cage by the seller. Gamers can guess on what mixture will come up earlier than the cube are rolled. There are 36 doable mixtures from throwing 3 cube.

Some frequent wagers in Sicbo embrace:

  • Single Quantity Wager: Betting {that a} particular single quantity like 1, 2, 3 and so forth. will seem. Pays 30 to 1.
  • Two Numbers Wager: Betting {that a} particular pair like 1-1, 2-2 and so forth. will seem. Pays 15 to 1.
  • Three Numbers Wager: Betting {that a} particular trio like 1-1-1, 2-2-2 and so forth. will seem. Pays 30 to 1.
  • Small/Massive Wager: Betting that the entire of all 3 cube might be under or above 10. Pays even cash.
  • Odd/Even Wager: Betting that the entire of all 3 cube might be an odd and even quantity. Pays even cash.

Gamers place their bets within the marked areas earlier than the cube are thrown. The seller then shakes the cube within the cage and rolls them out onto the desk. Winners are paid in keeping with the chances listed and losers accumulate their shedding bets.

3. Sicbo Desk Format

The sicbo gaming desk is designed to accommodate all doable bets that may be positioned on the cube sport. On the centre of the format is the realm containing all 36 quantity mixture prospects from rolling three cube. Examples embrace 111, 112 and so forth as much as 666. These particular person numbers are clearly marked out so gamers know precisely the place to position bets predicting a particular trio. Surrounding the quantity space are sections for aspect bets on components apart from a single mixture. One among these is the small/massive betting part, which accommodates separate areas to wager on the entire worth of the three cube being under or above 10. One other aspect guess possibility is the odd/even part, with distinct spots for betting on the cumulative cube roll being an odd and even complete.

Extra areas on the desk are devoted to single quantity, two quantity and three quantity bets. The one quantity part covers areas labelled 1-6 to wager on a solitary digit showing. Paired quantity bets are housed within the two quantity space, with spots marked 11-66 excluding multiples of 5. Three quantity bets discover their place in that corresponding part marked 111-666, once more leaving out sure mixtures. A steel betting bar rims the outer fringe of the desk floor. That is the place gamers go away their wagered chips as soon as bets are positioned in the appropriate numbered spots throughout the format. Proper within the heart is situated the cube rolling cage. This can be a safe steel container utilized by the seller to vigorously shake three cube earlier than launching them onto the tabletop.

4. Sicbo Technique and Odds

Whereas Sicbo depends closely on luck, gamers can make use of some strategic betting to enhance their possibilities over time. The secret’s understanding the chances for every kind of wager. Single quantity bets have the best payout at 30-1 however the lowest chance of hitting simply 1 in 6. Then again, betting on pairs or trios has decrease odds of 15-1 and 30-1 respectively, however a better probability of occurring. For instance, there’s a 1 in 36 shot of rolling three 5’s in comparison with a 1 in 6 probability of getting a single 5.

A prudent Sicbo technique is to unfold bets throughout a number of numbers moderately than specializing in only one or two. Gamers ought to think about putting small wagers on 5-6 single digits in addition to just a few pair and trio mixtures. This helps mitigate danger since not all cash is driving on a single longshot guess. Additionally it is vital to handle one’s bankroll rigorously. After losses, keep away from the temptation to chase losses by growing guess sizes recklessly on the following roll. Sticking to the identical wager quantities no matter prior outcomes is finest. Solely gamble with cash one can afford to lose with out monetary penalties.

Following these strategic approaches, alongside hopefully, can assist Sicbo gamers’ cash last more over many periods. Whereas the sport will all the time comprise components of probability, those that perceive the chances and use sound cash practices will discover their possibilities of popping out forward in the long term are improved. With follow, Sicbo can present a enjoyable and thrilling on line casino expertise.


Sicbo is a traditional Chinese language cube sport with a protracted historical past spanning centuries. It has unfold all through Asia each in conventional settings and trendy casinos. The fundamental gameplay entails finest on-line betting on the mixtures that may end result from throwing three cube. Gamers can wager on single numbers, pairs, trios in addition to totals being massive/small and odd/even. Understanding the Sicbo desk format and odds is vital for strategizing bets. Hopefully and technique, Sicbo affords an thrilling approach to gamble for individuals of all backgrounds.

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