If you want to get started with fashion photography, you first must get used to working with models. Fashion photography means you will be working directly with several people. It would help if you understood how to use their face and bodies for the correct poses. Moreover, the more you practice with models, the more confident you become as a fashion photographer. You can begin with your family and friends and later move to model agencies. They allow new photographers to practice with clients, and once you are ready, you can start with lucrative projects and build up longer-lasting relationships with success.

Bruce Weber- skills you need to become an ace fashion photographer

Bruce Weber is a famous fashion photographer and filmmaker in the USA. He is known for several iconic photographs that he took way back in the 1980s of the male body. These photographs were creative and artistic in a big way and instantly shot to fame. He is also an author, and several of his photographs are published in books worldwide.

At the beginning of his career, he started with theatre at Ohio at the Denison University and later moved to filmmaking at the New York University. He was later introduced to The New School for Social Research by Diane Arbus and studied with Lisette Model.

When it comes to fashion photography, he believes you first should have the passion for pursuing it. He says when you are starting your career or making a transition into the industry from another job, the following are some of the critical tools that you would need-

  1. Photography skills– Here, you do not have to have a degree in fine arts; however, it is wise to take some classes in fashion photography from a professional if you can afford them. Several schools offer you such courses, and you can enroll in them if you wish to. The lessons are helpful as you can learn about various skills. Fashion photography often involves group shots, action shots, landscapes, portraiture, and figure photography.
  2. Editing skills– You might be working with a dedicated photo editor; however, you will feel confident doing the work yourself. So, make sure you are comfortable improving photographs in editing software like Photoshop.
  3. Camera gear– The camera gear you invest in should be good. So, make sure you have a high-quality digital camera, multiple lenses, and the right lighting equipment. You should be aware of using this gear and be prepared for various scenarios.
  4. Keep your portfolio or photobook ready– This is vital if you wish to display your work to employees in the future.
  5. Opportunities– You will find many options for fashion photographers in the USA, including New York, Los Angeles, and other vital cities home to fashion houses, fashion weeks, and supermodels.

According to Bruce Weber, you can always hire a photo agent to work if you are new in the field. Practice as much as you can so that potential employers choose you for their projects with success!

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