More DIY projects are popping up everywhere these days. There are tons of tutorials for DIY projects, including building furniture, baking cupcakes, and paving your driveway. Many people see projects like candle making and think “hey…I can do that.” Making candles isn’t difficult, but it can be overwhelming. Here are some things to keep in mind before you begin.

Purchase the Right Materials

Candle making, like many DIY projects, can’t be done with items you already have. You’ll need to purchase the correct equipment and supplies to ensure you make quality candles. It wouldn’t be worth your time to have a candle that doesn’t light.

These supplies include:

Wax is specifically made for candle-making. Many waxes have specific uses so be sure to select the right wax for you. For example, for container candles, use a container wax, and for tarts, pillars, etc. Browse our selection of waxes by clicking here.

Candle dye crayons should NOT be used as candle dyes because they are not made with wax that is designed to burn like candle candles. Most often, crayons end up clogging your candle’s flame which can cause it not to burn properly. Click to see all our candle dyes.

Essential oils or fragrance oils – It is possible to cause harm by adding perfumes to candles. You should not use essential oils or fragrances in your candles. You can find nearly different candle fragrance oils in our collection. You just need to visit aussiecandlesupplies.com.au.

Wicks — Not all wicks will work with your wax. A wick should be compatible with the wax that you are using to make a candle melt properly. Visit our wicks section to learn more and make the right choice for your candle.

Molds and containers: Make sure that the candle heat can reach your glass, ceramic, or metal containers. Also, ensure your mold can handle the heat of hot wax. Silicone or metal molds are preferred. You can choose from a wide range of lids as well as glass bottles. All have been approved for candle-making.

Equipment Candle making can be dangerous. If you use synthetic fragrance oils, you will be working with heat and chemicals. A thermometer is necessary to monitor your temperatures. Also, you need a pouring container that can withstand the heat of your wax.

You can choose from several starter kits, which include EVERYTHING that you need to make your first candle. See them


An error that beginners often make is to mass-produce their candles before doing a test burn. Sometimes, you may not be able to follow all the steps correctly, measure everything exactly, and your candle still doesn’t light properly. Sometimes it’s possible to have a cool throw, but not a hot throw. Your wicks might not burn hot enough for your candle. The list of possible things can go on. Test-burning every candle you make is the best way to ensure that it works. Try adding a new fragrance, new wick, and a new container. Every component can impact the performance of your candle.

One hour is enough to burn a candle per inch. For example, a candle measuring 3 inches in size should be burned for at least 3 hours. This will give you a good smell throw, a proper melt pool, as well as ensure that your wick doesn’t go too smoky.

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