Are you planning to travel from Chennai to Mumbai? But you are not sure about the mode of transportation you should pick. This blog will take you through the three options you can opt for. Keep reading.

From students trying to get back to their college or home or business travellers looking for work opportunities or leisure travellers looking at exploring the country’s length and breadth, there are millions of passengers who commute between Chennai and Mumbai.

Moreover, there are three major options travellers can choose from; road transport, railways or flights. Let’s look at all of these in detail and find out the best option.

1. Travel by Road

The road distance from Pune to Chennai is about 1330 kilometres. You can take the following modes of road transport.

  1. Drive down your own car
  2. Rent a cab
  3. Take a bus

Reaching Mumbai from Chennai cant take you 20+ hours of the road time depending on the traffic conditions and the stops you make along the way. If you are driving down or taking a cab, you might have to stay at a motel or a hotel for a night or two before completing your journey the next day.

While busses are not the most comfortable modes of travel, driving down on your own posses many problems such as figuring out a route you will take, making stops, staying for a night, etc.

2. Travel by Train

The train distance between Chennai and Mumbai is about 1268 kilometres, and the shortest duration train will take about 23 hours to reach Mumbai. About 7 trains ply between two cities, with many of them running daily from Chennai. Depending on your budget, you can choose between Sleeper Class, AC-III, AC-II, AC-1 or First-Class. While they are an affordable way to reach the destination, getting a ticket is a hassle, especially if you haven’t planned well in advance. The Tatkal booking system is expensive and is still not easy to get.

3. Travel by Air

Taking a flight is the most preferred method opted by many passengers commuting from Chennai to Mumbai. The aerial distance between Chennai and Mumbai is 1038 kilometres which can be covered in less than 2 hours by flights.

Which is the Best Option?

Taking a flight is the best option to commute between Chennai and Mumbai. Some reasons that make it the preferred choice for most travellers are;

  • Shortest Duration Travel: A road or rail journey can take at least 20+ hours to reach. The flight time from Chennai to Mumbai is under 2 hours which is far lesser than any other mode of transport. You can literally save an entire day if you take a flight to Mumbai from Chennai.
  • Wide Variety of Options: Whether you are booking months in advance or just a few hours before departure, you can get the flights of your choice to Mumbai from Chennai. You can easily find 100+ flight options.
  • It is Safer: Air transport is safer than road or rail transport. Moreover, it exposes you to lesser threats.
  • It is Convenient: Air travel is not only the quickest or the safest, but also the most convenient choice. Once you have reached the airport, everything is taken care of by the ground staff and the cabin crew. From your luggage to your meals, you have lesser things to worry about when you fly.

Thanks to low-cost carriers and rising competition in the aviation sector, flying has become a preferred choice for most travellers today. Moreover, with the help of travel loyalty programs that award you miles on flight bookings and more, flights have become too sweet a deal to miss. Book your flight to Mumbai and plan your travel today. Don’t forget to join a travel loyalty program if you’re not already part of one.

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