When it comes to making most of a city, it is crucial that you get a sneak-peak of the various facets which a city beholds. However, couple that which luxury and comfort and it is the most fulfilling voyage for the discerning traveler. At The Leela Palace Jaipur, we offer you just that and much more. With the city’s fabled past and its vibrant present, there is so much to unfold.

Here is a bit more about The Leela Palace Jaipur.

The Leela Palace Jaipur

A quick look at the architecture of this hotel in Jaipur and you will know that it is inspired by Rajasthan’s royal heritage. The Leela Palace Jaipur is nothing short of an elegant reflection of brilliant planning and skillful execution. Hence, it will not be wrong to say that, this hotel in Jaipur is perhaps a true depiction of palatial grandeur and an epitome of true Indian luxury.

The Leela Palace Jaipur sits beautifully amidst tranquil environs near the Amber fort on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. The property spreads over 8 acres of land which feature precisely manicured gardens, against the majestic backdrop of the Aravalli range. A quick drive from the capital city to our hotel, and we are certain that our hotel is all that a discerning wander may ask for – a serene and tranquil vantage.

The Leela Palace Jaipur sits gallantly promising you unparalleled luxury. It is perhaps here and only here, that you will find timeless traditions that meet contemporary sophistication. And, to elevate your experience and show you every facet of this mesmerising city, indulge in our thoughtfully curated immersive cultural experiences, celebratory rituals and distinguished taste making.

What is more?!

If you are overwhelmed by it all, just wait till you read further. Below, we have shared some more details about The Leela Palace Jaipur. Read on!


Our team has put together unique décor and design in every room. They are all inspired by the royalty of yesteryear and are staunchly modern in its execution, to say the least. Our property features 200 lavishly appointed rooms, suites and villas, all ready to welcome you.

The 88 uber luxe private Villas are quite an experience for a luxury stay. Without giving too much away, all we can say is if you wish to know the true meaning of ‘uncompromising decadence,’ are luxe private villas are a stunning example of it. Decked with traditional finesse, our rooms here embody the spirit of the city and signature service of the group.

Culinary feast:

If you are looking for a proper culinary repertoire – right from steaming hot cuppa coffee or tea to the last bite of the dessert – our culinary taste making will give you an experience of it all. The skillful plating techniques are a treat to the senses.

Wait till our lunch and dinner service, and you will witness fine dining on a whole new level at:

Offering delectable flavours of both Indian and international cuisines, Sukh Mahal serves dishes made with the freshest of ingredients. Each dish, each course and each service are thoughtfully planned and carefully executed. You can also watch live show kitchens.

This on-site hotel is a true celebration of food. The décor of this Indian restaurant is inspired by the frames of Sheesh Mahal. Mohan Mahal is lit only by candles and has an iridescent ambience. This restaurant serves authentic Awadhi and Rajasthani cuisine.

If you plan to visit Jaipur and are considering staying at our hotel in Jaipur, do reach out to our front desk. Our team will only be pleased to be of assistance to you.

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