Fantasy games act as a real representation of actual real-world games or may include a new world altogether. Several online websites allow individuals to play various types of online fantasy games which a user can enjoy in their free time. Players can enjoy playing such fantasy games and earn money at the same time. A user can play several online fantasy games which may include fantasy football, kabaddi, cricket, and basketball, etc. Such fantasy games can be played on smart devices like a smartphone with ease. Out of all the fantasy games available online a user can play a fantasy football game.

All types of fantasy games provide a medium to a player to compete with other players and make allies with them to win further matches. Fantasy games provide a great medium to spend one’s leisure time. They act as the best source of spending one’s leisure time as a user can get information about the actual world sporting games and earn cash benefits at the same time.

Fantasy games use the internet and participants collect the imaginary group and virtual team of real players of professional sports. These teams compete based on the statistical performance of those football players. There is thirty-six per cent of revenue in the form of NFL. Other fantasy games online are cricket, football, kabaddi. These games are played online and are a time pass. The players are hooked on to it. They invite friends and co-workers to play games online. There is a deeper connection between sports and sort of fans and real-life sports. It is played with real-world money. Results are quick announced each day. The players place the bids in the morning and till the time the sun goes down the decision is made.

The best fantasy football league app can be played online. The game works as a player creates a squad-based on sports knowledge. The squads will score points based on real matches. Then the player competes with the user and beats him with the squad. One wins real cash daily. Then there is a selection of eleven players as a squad. There is a team of forwards, midfielders, defenders and goalkeeper. The players as forwards are one in minimum and three players as maximum. There is a minimum of three midfielders and a maximum of three midfielders. There is one goalkeeper. The gems are allocated a thousand points. There is a captain of each team. You have to manage the squad of eleven players from both the teams competing against each other. The scoring pattern is according to the defence, attack and bonus method. The attack mode has a scoring type when each goal scored by goalkeeper gets nine points. Then each goal scored by the defender gets eight points. The midfielder gets seven points and the forwarder gets five points for each goal. The penalty miss loses points. In the defence field, two fouls committed by a person gets one point. The defender gets one point for two saves.

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One point for two clearances and one point for two blocks. Each penalty saves loses one point. For a clean sheet by a defender, there are four points. For a clean sheet for a midfielder, there are three points. The bonus is given if the game is played at the last minute. For playing a game for sixty minutes or more there is one point. The yellow card defaulter loses two points and a red cardholder loses four points. In case if a player has taken three attempts on target then the players will be given one point for that. If a player has played four shots on target then only he will receive two points. If a player commits two fouls then he loses one point and if three fouls are committed then still one point is lost In the case of four fouls he loses two points. If the captain earns points in decimal then the upper case is selected for example if he scores 13.5 points the number selected would be 14.

This game is legal and it is just played for fun. The 4G network is best to play such fantasy games online. The other aspects of this game are clean sheets, yellow and red cards for defaulters. There are assists and final assists. There is a reward of a penalty and free kicks. The extra time is given when no team can beat the opponent team. The number of goals is the same in number. There is a tie between the two teams. Then there is a provision of extra time when each team is given a free-kick. The team which hits the maximum goals is declared as a winner. This game is played with full fervour and passion. The football match is becoming a passion amongst the celebrities too. Soccer is another name given to the game of football. There is very little difference between the two. The fantasy games can be played on phones in the four walls of the house. One can play fantasy football games on smart devices.


The football lovers find these fantasy games very interesting. They connect to the world by this game. This game online develops your playing skills. These fantasy games are becoming a craze amongst the people. Fantasy football act as a great medium for use one’s knowledge base on online sporting games. A user needs an active internet connection for playing fantasy football games. However, a user can enquire about live scores and get real-world updates about actual championships from such apps which can help in getting better and higher scores on fantasy football application or game. Getting real-world updates about live scores becomes the most important and beneficial feature of the fantasy football game or application. Fantasy football game acts as a dream come true for both games and sports freak who love to play online games and watch live football matches on television.

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