If you have an apple-shaped body, you need to wear clothes in such a way to hide your curves. A woman with an apple-shaped body has a wide torso, heavy back and chest, full waist, and broad shoulders. The hips, arms, and legs of her body are thinner. She generally gains weight around the waist and often finds it challenging to find the right dress or top for a slimmer look.

Know what you should wear at Victoriabarbara.com

Victoria Barbara is a famous fashion blogger from New York widely sought after for her street style and high-end fashion. She shares many style tips and advice on her site Victoriabarbara.com.She says that if you have an apple-shaped body, you should never be ashamed of it. In fact, you should be proud that you have a full figure, so flaunt it with confidence. If you wish to highlight your best parts, you first need to learn how to dress right. Given below are some simple tips for you to follow to get that glam look you deserve-

1.Take the attention off from your middle- Now, your middle is the area that you need to hide. Avoid wearing dresses and tops that are too tight or clingy. You should never wear dresses or tops that have patterns around the middle as they will attract attention there. Never wear thick belts, go in for thin belts so that your middle is camouflaged, and attention is directed to your best areas. Do not buy shorts or tops. Avoid shirts that are high in cut or just end near your middle. You need to wear outfits that do not define your waistline.

2.Show off your bust- If you are apple-shaped women, you will have an amazing bust. Do not shy away from showing it off. You should buy tops and dresses with V-necklines that are deep. You can shop for A-line tops and dresses that start from the bust and flows freely, covering your middle. The biggest advantage of being an apple-shaped woman is you do not need to wear elaborate jewelry. You already have a good bust that needs no adornments at the neck at all.

3.Highlight your legs- Apple-shaped women generally have a stunning pair of legs. Even if you are short, you should never feel ashamed to display your legs. You can wear short shorts or choose high heels that make you look taller. However, if you are short in height, do not cover your legs with skinny jeans, leggings or thick boots- they will appear smaller.

Victoria Barbara says that when you buy tops, always pay attention to its cuts. However, do not buy tops with halter and high necklines. Boat necks and off-shoulder tops should be avoided, as well as attract attention to your heavy upper body. Check out Victoriabarbara.com for style inspirations when it comes to dressing up the apple-shaped body. She says you should always choose the perfect material and make sure it does not stick to your body to define your middle prominently.

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