Over four million Americans have quit their job in September 2021. With this scenario came some catchy phrases like The Great Resignation, The Big Quit, and The Great Reshuffle. Over 10.4 million jobs opening happened with people wanting to launch themselves into a new opportunity. 

Face-to-face communication is the way to set employees’ tone and expectations of employees. While the face-to-face orientation session is no longer an option with new COVID restrictions influencing new talent is a task, nevertheless, we are here to help you with tips. 

First, Find the “Why”

Studies on The Great Resignation helped us find out that 40% of employees complained of experiencing burnout and stated it for being a reason for them departing from jobs. 

Here establishing boundaries of work and life would not solve this pervasive issue in society. 

For new employees, it is important to stick with a sense of purpose. As a company leader, it is your responsibility to ensure your new employee find their “why” and talk about the purpose that drives their potential. 

If you were wondering why it is important to put an effort to seek the “why” for new hires then a study from 2019 would help. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that old people who had no self-organizing life aim died earlier than those who did. This is just an example but we all have to work on finding a purpose in life to keep ourselves alive.

Similarly, if you are in a position where you can encourage your employees into motivating them then do so. You can help them in identifying the purpose and sticking to it. 

Time to Create Value

Before you build a culture where your employees need permission to put their efforts and to show the value you should encourage them to first get trained before putting in any input. 

You should ensure that your employees are encouraged to speak up their minds instead of getting the fear of mistakes coming in between. 

With great leaders in your company, you can make a culture that encourages employees to take calculated risks. 

Build Community

There is no better time than this to create communities. According to the February 2021 report of Harvard Graduate School of Education that 36% of Americans have experienced feeling “serious loneliness.’ This condition has increased mental health issues during the pandemic. To understand this in simpler words, the increased loneliness and health consequences are as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. 

In order to create a better environment for people to come to the workplace, it is important to build a community. However, if your team is working from home, then building a community or fostering a better workplace culture can be difficult. However, with just the right remote working tools and communication essentials, building community, and helping employees in the workplace is possible and this will result in reduced stress.

However, with just the right remote working essentials such as a good internet connection for effective communication the community building issues might settle down a bit. There are tons of affordable and stable TV and Internet Packages that you can help your employees to connect with.

The Bottom Line

We hope these easy and simple techniques turn out to be helpful for your workplace. To help your new hires stay interested in work, you have to keep their curiosity alive. They should be excited for what might come next in the consciously changing work scenario. Rest, having good working communication essentials, building community, and helping employees settle in the workplace are some other helpful factors to ensure the success of your new employees.

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