It is evident that mobile gaming is one of the fastest developing businesses. In the recent past, cell phones were just a medium for communication, but now their versatility has made them far more. For many individuals, it is the best solution for socializing and entertainment, particularly in the form of mobile games. 

Though mobile games are generally much smaller and cheaper, *they lack in content compared to a console or PC games. Mobile games are very simple and entail the magnificent graphics and depth of play that many gaming companies believed was a requirement for any game’s success. These games are still becoming so popular and here is why.


Mobile gaming is widespread because, nowadays, it fits in with the hectic lives experienced by most people. 

When time is limited, having a mobile game to play in a break at work, on the way back home/office, or while on vacation is an excellent time pass. Mobile games fit in well with the current lifestyle as they are all instantly available on most new devices.


Cost is undoubtedly a factor. People are undoubtedly attracted to the free stuff. Hence, when it comes to games and its free availability, what else can sound better to a game freak than this? 

For a few games, you can also play as many free versions as you want, which makes mobile gaming much more reasonable.


In their hunt for higher graphics, more complicated game mechanics, more choices for the player, console games have become tough to play, particularly for novices. Yet, the audience varies from all age groups. Thus, keeping that in mind, there is a myriad of options that are user-friendly.

Mobile games use basic controls and are much simpler to play. This attribute makes them much easier to use and accessible for all players, not just the skilled ones.

Social Gaming

Gaming was once a single race, but that is no longer the only thing. The most suited mobile games have a social gaming mode. 

Whether it is actually playing against other people or just the score comparison on the leader-board, social gaming is one of the fundamental keys to the success of mobile gaming.


One of the most ignored features of mobile gaming’s growth to progress is the innovation presented by small and independent firms in creating the games. In the console industry, only a few huge companies make exciting games, and many others lack innovation and creativity. 

“Angry Birds” is an excellent illustration of how a well-imagined concept can be recognized & acclaimed globally. Talking about which, the developers of “Angry Birds” now earn around $6m per day, just by its advertisement. 

Mobile gaming is still a developing business, yet it has crucially emerged in the gaming future as depicted by platforms like fadedandblurred.com. The most alarming fact to remember is that this is just the beginning, the best is yet to come

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