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In the past century, humans developed so many ways to go synthetic and used a lot of preservatives. But by the end of the century, the drawbacks of them started appearing. We are living in a time when people are going back to natural products. The natural goods industry is watching its all-time boom. Essential oils are a huge part of it and with oils, the matter of essential oil packaging boxes comes into the scene.

Essential oil boxes need to be designed according to the nature of the product. The custom essential oil boxes should give the feeling that they have nature-based products in them. Here are few tips to increase the sales of your essential oils business.

Custom Made Essential Oil Boxes

The usual filling material used for essentials oils is plastic or glass bottles. These bottles have a high chance of getting damaged during shipping and transit. So the essential oil boxes would need more attention to design detail. Essential oil boxes are made with materials that can hold their shape and keep the product safe for longer times.

The materials used in the process are corrugated sheets and cardstock. Some materials are stronger than others like cardstock’s composition is based on thick structures. Another benefit of using these materials is that they get printed well. The printing quality on these boxes is very premium.

The low-quality packaging also has a bad impact on the environment. Using low-quality materials kills the purpose of natural goods. For the longer shipping distances, it is best to use custom essential oil boxes made of corrugated sheets. Their structures are safe to deal with long travels and handling without losing their shape.

Impact of Custom Printing on Sales

As mentioned above essential oil is a growing market and the competition is hard. Consumer satisfaction needs to be next level so they always choose you. If you fail to impress them in any aspect of the product, the consumer has a lot of options to move on. To prevent it you need to take serious measures. Custom printing on essential oil boxes can help you with the sales. Consumers of natural goods have a keen eye on the ingredients of the product. They even check where the product has been manufactured. In this case, all important information regarding the product should be printed on the custom essential oil boxes. This will have a direct impact on the sales. While looking at the product, customers can easily find and read all the details and subsequently buy the product.

Custom printed essential oil packaging boxes raise the interest of the customer. Packaging companies also encourage their clients to go for custom printed boxes to avoid any inconvenience later. The information should be prominent enough on the box that it gets the attention of the consumer. The more they have to look for it the more it makes them frustrated so a convenient positioning of information is as important as logo placement.

Custom printing is not an expensive task if you get it done in bulk. 

Practical Box Designs for Consumers

The job of essential oil boxes is to keep the product safe but another responsibility is to make the unboxing an easy task for the consumer. The essential oil packaging boxes always need to be consumer-friendly. The opening of the box should not be a frustrating process. If the design of essential oil boxes is not practical enough then all the effort you put into the logo and the print of the box will go to waste. The customer will not be interested in a complicated product box anyways.

Essential oil packaging boxes come in few basic designs but can be customized in all sizes and dimensions. Packaging companies have enough resources to provide their customers with all the liberty to design the box. 

Detailing of the Box

detailing of any packaging is tremendously vital. These details involve the placing of every printed information and internal inserts on the box. Investing in internal inserts of essential oil boxes will never disappoint you. Insert will help with the further security of the product. They are cut in custom shapes of the bottles and help them fit properly in the box. This prevents any movement that can damage the bottle. These inserts are made of foam and cardboard.

Bottom Line

Essential oil packaging boxes have to follow the normal packaging rules as well as has to mark their impression as a natural product too. So there are few factors that are more important for natural good manufacturers. The box will play the role of trademark for your product and that is the reason nothing can be compromised.

All the tips given above can play a crucial role in making your essential oil brand successful in an already saturated market.

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