Buying a new pair of prescription glasses and a new frame is the best thing to do. However, how to make the frame last much longer? There are several tips that we will give you in this post that you cannot miss.

Recommendations if you want your glasses to last longer

Generally, the lenses are the most damaged because dirt attacks them. However, this is an old story, another thing that time also takes its toll on is the frames.

Although the frames are what make it possible for our glasses to be maintained, many times we forget them, that’s why we bring you some tips to make your glasses last longer.

How to clean the glasses

Although it may not seem like it, it is complicated to clean a frame properly and if it is not done carefully, it can damage it. That’s why we will leave a list with the things you should foresee if you want to clean your glasses:

  • Clean your hands properly: it is always good that your hands are well cleaned before handling your lenses. We know that this is not easy because many times we are on the street and we overlook the detail of dirty hands. However, it is good that you start putting it into practice.

Remember that dirt, grease and bacteria can adhere to the lenses and make the structure, due to the dirt, wear out much faster.

  • Use lukewarm water and neutral soap: Whenever you are going to wash your lenses it is good to use a neutral soap and lukewarm water with little pressure. Remember that very strong chemical products can damage the frame and lenses.
  • Clean very well: The area of the temple behind the ears should be cleaned very well. Remember that hair accumulates a lot of grease and behind the ears, being in contact with the skin, dirt can stick much more. 

However, if you want your glasses to last much longer and you want quality models for a quite affordable price we recommend you to enter the online platform of Vooglam. This brand is very popular and offers unique models that work for all tastes and all face shapes.

The process of drying glasses 

We talked a little bit about what is the right way to clean your glasses, however, it is necessary to mention how they should be dried. Although it seems that a simple cloth may work, remember that glasses are very delicate.

Therefore, we recommend a fine cotton cloth so that it does not leave scratches or scratches on the lenses. Another recommendation is to dry carefully and thoroughly, as the screws and hinges of the frame can rust if not dried properly. 

However, although all this may seem a cumbersome and complex process, you can always do the cleaning in a more neutral way. Especially, if you don’t have time and neutral soap since the frame of prescription glasses can be cleaned in many ways.

Then, a suitable way is with a chamois cloth. The latter is one of the most used and recommended materials for cleaning lenses. This is because it does not cause damage such as scratches to the lenses and absorbs water very well. 

How to hold your glasses?

Believe it or not, even the way you hold your glasses can extend their useful life. When cleaning the frame, it is good to hold the glasses by the rim of the side of the glass that is being cleaned at the moment. This way we avoid possible breakage or deformities. 

However, if you buy Vooglam glasses it is difficult for the rods or the glass to break because the materials they use are very resistant. However, as an obvious thing, do not exert pressure so that a possible accident does not happen.

If you want your glasses to last much longer, things like the way you take off your glasses can help. If you do this action with both hands, you will achieve a better balance.

Other important care 

There are other techniques that will keep your glasses in better condition. From using lanyards to not leaving the glasses in a source of high heat. 

Use lanyards

This is for those who need to constantly put on and take off their lenses. You can use cords to avoid and prevent possible falls. Even prescription glasses, if placed on the head, run the risk of deforming.

Beware of heat

Leaving your glasses over a heat source is dangerous. Remember that very high temperatures can deform the frame. And we’re not just talking about leaving them in the sun, but also next to a hot stove.

Always use a case 

Whenever you are going to store your glasses, it is essential that you have a case and that it comes with a protective cover. We do not recommend leaving your glasses uncovered or putting them in an unprotected bag. Almost always, when you do this, you will find the frame broken.

Also, you don’t do much if the case is loose and not rigid. Remember that, even if they are under cover, it is likely that it does not offer the necessary resistance and, at the moment of a blow or a fall, the glasses will break.

Maintain them 

Although it is not very common, you can take your glasses to the optician’s in case they need maintenance or to tighten any screws. It can happen that with the passage of time and so much use, the frame becomes loose. 

Of course, if this happens, do not try to fix it on your own because it can be worse. We hope this post has helped you and your mount now has a much longer useful life. 

Also, if you want, in Vooglam there are different models such as the square Resa that works very well for round faces. Anyway, we hope you put into practice all these tips.

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