Importance of biometric attendance system in financial organizations
Importance of biometric attendance system in financial organizations


Many banks are opting for biometric systems for their premises. Biometric system is a smart device that is used to record accurate attendance and working hours of employees by authorising them on the basis of biological password. This biological password can be anything like fingerprint, retina or face recognition basis of type of system you choose. These attendance records are used to various purposes like payroll, leave balance, appraisal, etc.

Securing customer’s data has been a priority of every company regardless to the sector it belongs to. But the sector that tops in the list to secure the sensitive customer related data is banking and financial sector. This is because, this sector directly deals with the sensitive data of individuals regarding their financial details. Hence, ensuring high level of security at such places is a must. Although banking and financial sector institutes and organizations have always strived to ensure complete safety of customer’s data with the introduction of technology this bar has raised. One such important technology is biometric attendance system.

Although the biometric attendance system in banks is only for its employees, it ensures no mishandling of data takes place in the premises by keeping a record of in-time and out-time of every employee. It also has an advantage of keeping an accurate record of each and every employee as banks and financial institutions have a large number of staff working at different shifts.

Here are some biometric attendance systems based on its type that your banks and financial institutions can install to improve employee efficiency.

Fingerprint identification biometric attendance system– Fingerprint identification biometric system is one of very first and cheapest biometric attendance system available in market. Every person has a different biological pattern, this particular system scans and records the fingerprint pattern of the employees and saves in the system data. The person has to punch in and punch out for the day and it records their working hours and attendance with accurate time details. This data is directly shared on the system you link, which can be used for other procedures where employee attendance record is needed.

Retina identification biometric attendance system – The retina biometric attendance system works on the unique blood vessel pattern in retina of the individual. It analyses the capillary blood vessels present in the back of the human eye by throwing a low intensity light in the individual’s eye to capture the image.

Palm identification biometric attendance system- The palm identification biometric attendance system works on the basis of hand geometry. This system is very similar to the fingerprint analysis system. It analyses the palm structure of the individual and makes a record of it.

Face identification biometric attendance system -Face identification identifies and analyses the face of the employee registered on the system. The system is built in a manner that it easily identifies and distinguishes the face structures of different individuals and stores in data.

Banking and financial institutes have been on a look out for reliable system to maintain attendance which completes with the introduction of biometric attendance system.

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