Over-coaching is an issue that plagues many sports activities, together with basketball. Many coaches have the very best intentions once they over-coach their gamers, however it may do extra hurt than good for a participant’s improvement.

This text will talk about what over-coaching means and the way it can damage your gamers’ confidence and delight of the sport.

What’s over-coaching?

Over-coaching is the act of giving gamers an excessive amount of info or taking away their potential to make selections on the courtroom or in a basketball coaching facility. An excessive amount of teaching can overwhelm a participant, making them really feel nervous and unsure as a substitute of assured about what they’re doing on the market.

The largest perpetrator for over-coaching is throughout timeouts. Coaches give means too many directions and count on gamers to soak up all that enter whereas nonetheless pondering clearly sufficient to play effectively after coming again onto the ground.

That’s not the way it works; you want your athletes to operate at 100% capability once they get again into motion after taking a break from enjoying (we name this psychological load).

Examples of over-coaching in basketball

Under are some examples of over-coaching in basketball:

1. Including an excessive amount of “technique.”

Some coaches normally imagine that the extra methods they add, the higher their possibilities of successful the sport.

This is likely one of the most typical errors that coaches make as a result of they assume extra methods will enhance their possibilities of successful, making them lose as a substitute.

Many gamers get confused and nervous when a coach begins including too many new methods throughout a timeout whereas in motion and even earlier than enjoying with totally different units on the ground. Coaches ought to solely add technique if it’s going to assist your group win, not only for displaying how good you’re as a coach.

2. Making too many modifications throughout a timeout

Timeouts are when you will have the very best likelihood to speak along with your gamers in an indoor basketball facility, so you need to solely make modifications that may assist them win.

Making too many teaching selections throughout a timeout is likely one of the most typical errors coaches make as a result of they assume it’ll enhance their possibilities of successful, however this makes them lose as a substitute.

It’s essential for coaches to not power something on their group and let gamers play freely relatively than taking up management by continuously calling timeouts or making particular person participant changes all through video games.

3. Giving a participant too many tasks

One factor that coaches are likely to do, whether or not they notice it or not, is giving their gamers too many tasks (i.e., an excessive amount of “technique”) in the course of the sport, which makes them confused and simply annoyed.

While you play basketball beneath stress or in high-stakes conditions the place there’s rather a lot on the road, all the things begins to really feel like an emergency as a result of your mind goes into panic mode (aka fight-or-flight response).

Which means that even when you realize what must be accomplished, your physique could reply by freezing up and never studying the right way to carry out at its greatest – particularly since most of us don’t observe performing effectively beneath excessive circumstances.

4. Too many corrections when educating capturing kind

While you’re educating a participant to shoot, it solely takes a number of changes earlier than the mind begins changing into annoyed and shut down from info overload.

When studying something new, each slight adjustment could make a giant distinction in whether or not or not somebody will have the ability to perceive it efficiently or not.

In your athletes to get higher at making their very own selections in a basketball capturing facility (i.e., pondering relatively than reacting), they want time enjoying with the liberty to observe processing conditions accurately with out feeling pressured by you.

Why over-coaching hurts improvement

Now, we are going to go over the six explanation why over-coaching hurts improvement.

1. Gamers get confused and nervous

While you continuously appropriate and alter your gamers throughout a sport, they’ll get confused.

They received’t have the ability to make the proper selections on their very own as a result of they’re too busy making an attempt to determine what your subsequent instruction can be or the way it applies on this explicit state of affairs.

The extra unsure athletes really feel on the courtroom, the more serious they play. It additionally makes them nervous about making errors which may lead to being re-directed by you once more – so then they begin enjoying even much less confidently!

This leaves little room for progress or creativity since nobody has any time to assume independently when there’s at all times somebody barking orders at them from throughout the ground.

2. Gamers don’t make their very own selections

Your gamers received’t assume for themselves if they’re at all times trying to you for path. As an alternative, athletes want the time and area on the courtroom to learn to make selections by themselves in order that their expertise will switch over when it comes time for them to play with out you.

For instance, think about a participant who shoots nice throughout observe however can by no means appear to shoot effectively in video games as a result of he’s continuously excited about your directions as a substitute of focusing solely on making his shot. Which means that any instruction or correction is given in the course of the sport solely makes him extra anxious, which has an excellent worse impact on his capturing!

This kind of athlete wants way more unbiased work earlier than being launched into the precise competitors, the place there’s no likelihood in any respect for correction or suggestions.

3. Over-coaching hurts a participant’s confidence

Gamers are sometimes afraid to make errors and can solely strive the best or most secure resolution to worry being judged. When gamers are continuously corrected, they begin associating their confidence along with your suggestions/approval as a substitute of trusting in themselves (this holds true for adults).

It’s not straightforward to repair this example, however you are able to do it by spending extra time on unbiased work throughout observe in an indoor basketball facility, so gamers get used to creating selections on their very own with none assist from coaches.


The very best coaches are those that know when to reign their gamers in. Coaches ought to acknowledge if they’re making an attempt too onerous and provides the participant area for enchancment, particularly throughout trainings with a facility basketball machine. Gamers need a coach that’s attentive sufficient to information with out being overbearing or demanding. 

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