Travel packing is an art that requires excellent management and packing skills. If you have still not travelled enough to master this art yourself, here is a guide with 15 smart packing tips for travel.

Choose the right bag

Remember this- the bigger your suitcase, the more things you will pack. Choose the right size of a bag, preferably not bigger than 22 inches as it can be used as a backpack. Walk with your bag for at least five to ten minutes to ensure that you can bear its weight for longer durations.Get a bag with a structured cover, so you don’t end up cracking vulnerable things like your reading glasses.

Create a packing list

It’s very easy to forget some essentials, especially on the last day. You should create a checklist and include everything that you’ll need, even if it’s just a pair of glasses. Make sure to go through that list a night before.

Carry some extra bags

You never know when you have to use them. So, it’s always better to carry a few extra bags like a foldable tote bag and a few ziplocks in your travel suitcase. Don’t forget to get a separate document bag.

Pack only the basic clothes

Don’t pack more than half a dozen pairs of socks, two pairs of t-shirts and two sets of jeans. You can adjust this list according to the weather of the destination. Also, dual-purpose garments like a jacket that can be folded into a travel pillow can be very useful.

Pack smartly

Pack the first outfit you will want to wear on the top. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Small packing cubes can be used to keep your clothes organised. Also, think Tetris while packing stuff- fill each and every inch of the space.

Pack only the essentials

Pick out all the things that you need and then just straightaway cut them to half. You need to avoid overpacking. Make sure you don’t add anything in the “just in case I need this” category.

Get a zip pocket jacket

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. And you would not wish to roam in an unknown city with a lost wallet or smartphone. A jacket with a zip pocket can be a safe thing to keep some of your essentials in.

Pick the right shoes

Going with a pair of multipurpose shoes is a smart choice. Make sure that they are incredibly comfortable. Also, don’t forget to carry a pair of flip-flops.

Keep your toiletries in a separate bag

You don’t want your shampoo bottle to squeeze open and spoil your clothes. You can purchase a clear toiletries bag to store all those liquids separately. Toiletry bags are much more durable than a ziplock and can be reused for a very long time.

Carry a good pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than essential if you can not bear bright sunlight. Also, you can purchase a pair of blue light glasses in the UK if you like reading kindle on the flight. Before you start looking for cheap glasses online, don’t forget to check Specscart for a fantastic variety of affordable glasses and sunglasses.

Customise a first-aid kit

A first-aid kit is more than essential, even more, when you are travelling to an undeveloped place. A pain relief tube, paracetamol, and some cotton are basic essentials.

Wash your clothes on the journey

Contact your accommodation service and ask if they provide a free laundry service. If yes, it’s great! You can carry a limited number of clothes and get them washed on the go. If not, you can take a mini detergent pack to wash them on your own.

Leave space in your bag

While you travel, you are going to buy a lot of things. It is always safe to leave some space in case you happen to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family.

Don’t forget a sleeping sheet

A sleeping sheet can come handy if you are not sure if the hotel has put a fresh bed sheet. It can also be used as a cover when you feel cold on the flight or a trek.

Meta description- This guide includes all the things that you’ll need- from toothpaste and detergent to blue light glasses and ziplock bags.

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