The T20 World Cup has made a comeback after a five-year layoff to enchant cricket fanatics all around the world. The campaign for team India began in a fashion that was rather unanticipated and unwelcomed by the maestros. This season not only witnessed India’s first defeat against Pakistan but its first defeat ever in a T20 World Cup Championship.

New Zealand too started off rough with a defeat against the victors of one of the memorable T20 matches of 2021- Pakistan. Even though both New Zealand and India had their hopes of winning crushed in the first match, it did allow them to start at a level playing field of 1 match lost each. While a win will rekindle their World Cup aspirations, a defeat at this point will jeopardise their chances of reaching the Semi-finals.

The NZ-India match is bound to be enthralling, and what is guaranteed to add to this experience are the talented bowlers of both teams who are blessed with rich skill sets. You also have to use skills and knowledge in thinking of your dream 11 team prediction for the India vs New Zealand match as both teams are in very good form. So who are some bowlers you should really watch out for this Sunday? Let us find out.

1. Mohammed Shami

Mohammed Shami is a right-arm pacer and one of India’s fastest bowlers. What makes his bowling absolutely lethal for the opponent team is his run-up, which is incredibly clean, and he puts a lot of effort into it. When he drives in, viewers can almost see the energy being unleashed.

The Bengali fast bowler uses his acrobatic run-up to build momentum. Some would say with proper body alignment, it’s almost a sprint. It’s become the key to precision. In addition, he has a wonderful seam and wrist position.

When Shami delivers the ball, it falls from the twelve o’clock position, creating an upright seam from start to finish. It assists the ball in moving once it is released from the hand.

Above all, the sharp movement (inwards or outwards) caused instantly after the seam landing puts a batsman’s life on the line. Undoubtedly, he is one bowler you should watch out for in the New Zealand-India T20 match scheduled this Sunday.

2. Trent Boult

Rightfully the ‘thunderbolt’ of NZ Cricket, Trent is one of New Zealand’s most talented fast bowlers in recent times. He maintains good speed and is a fantastic athlete on the field. Although he hails from a country that is known for producing exceptional fielders, Boult is definitely one of New Zealand’s top catchers.

Apart from scooping up wickets at a minimal cost, Boult has held his own on drier subcontinent wickets. His fitness may be his greatest asset. He shoulders Rabada as the most successful ODI fast bowler across the whole period, bowling in fewer games and with a higher average and strike rate.

It is tempting to assume that Boult’s bowling style needs favourable circumstances, but it doesn’t. He always manages to find a way. He knows how to utilise bouncers, he is sharp, and if there is any reverse to be had, he gets it all. He is bound to be a big attention puller in this India vs New Zealand T20 match.

3. Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah, almost a tycoon in cricket for his speed and pace, has established himself as a staple of India’s bowling line-up throughout the years. Since making his international debut in 2016, the right-arm pacer has wowed audiences with his raw speed and variety.

Bumrah is widely regarded as one of, if not the best, death bowlers of the new age of cricket. Bumrah has evolved from getting wickets in the power play and death overs to single-handedly winning games for India in a short period of time.

The right-hand pacer kept the game crisp during the warm-up match against England, too, and managed to challenge the batsmen with pace and precise Yorkers. He has been termed as one of the best bowlers of T20 by giants like Mohammed Amir, and who are we to question!

The Blackcaps are eager to face India again after meeting in the ICC Men’s World Cup 2019 semi-final and the World Test Championship final earlier this year.

Both teams are looking for a win to improve their prospects of making it out of Group 2 after losing their first matches in the Super 12s against Pakistan. Not just the exciting face-off but the thrill of putting themselves out on newer and volatile conditions has kept players of both teams motivated for yet another World Cup.

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