The aspects of learning a new language involve Vocabulary as an important tool. Since, comprehension is an objective of all the areas of communication, the importance of vocabulary can never be overestimated. Improvement in the listening, speaking, reading, and writing depends upon the efficiency in one’s vocabulary.

Child’s success is directly related to the vocabulary for the following reasons;

  • School achievements that involve better vocabulary
  • The ability to read and write is followed by the vocabulary
  • Vocabulary offers the new world of thinking and learning
  • Vocabulary drives up unlimited access to the new information

For the enhancement in the vocabulary, the game named spelling bee game is held around the world. Commonly, it is held in countries where English is spoken. This competition is specially designed for those who want to test their vocabulary capability. In this, a broad selection of words is asked to spell by the contestant as written in the dictionary having a different degree of difficulty.

If we summarize its benefits then we can say that;

  • With every spelling bee test, the child gets a wider knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.
  • Spelling bee is more than just spelling the words. By learning new words and their meaning, knowledge increases.
  • Spelling bee is a good memory-booster.
  • Participants learn the acceptance where they are wrong and confidence gets boost every time.
  • Great Spirit of learning develops by participating.
  • Participants learn how to cop up with the self-confidence and pressure which enhances the cognitive skills.

So the importance of spelling bee can’t be neglected in the nourishment of a child’s vocabulary by any means. The three reasons for which having a grip on vocabulary as a youngster are;

  1. Verbal and non-verbal communication relies on vocabulary.
  2. Vocabulary develops strong skills including reading and speaking etc.
  3. Vocabulary enhances the word wealth

Apart from this, the desire to expand the vocabulary at epic speed is very natural either to improve the mother tongue or learn the new language. So, the question “How to memorize vocabulary?” is answered here.

It can be boring because of the repetition of words but if memory techniques are followed regularly then the chances to learn will be higher than before. By learning the difference in syllables, origins, and grammatical contexts, the learning process becomes easier. Putting a bird’s eye view to the memorization of vocabulary, the first step is to break up the goals in simple terms.

  1. Memorize the sounds and meaning.
  2. Pronounce the words.
  3. Prepare the memory place network.
  4. Recall the rehearsals.

Now, moving towards the tips;

  1. Use memory techniques: Make up the mental shortcuts by coming up with creative and useful connections. Remembering the acronyms helps in remembering the words.
  2. Create a learning environment: When you go abroad, you listen and read English everywhere which helps to learn faster but you don’t have to go abroad for this purpose. Create a learning environment. Watch documentaries and movies, read books, and tale the YouTube lectures.
  3. Put the words in context: Putting the words in context help you learn faster. Instead of making lists, make sentences using the different words that will help you learn easily.
  4. Learn from real-life situations: Movies and TV shows are the best media to improve the vocabulary because these mediums visualize real-life situations with the dialogues. If you don’t understand any word or sentence, write it down and try to memorize it with its meaning.
  5. Find the tools that work: Everyone relies on different methods of learning. Some people make it up with the apps and games and some with the flashcards and lists. No matter what the medium or approach is, practice matters a lot.
  6. Make it interactive: Without hearing and pronouncing, you can never learn the new words. Also, say them loud and write up for better learning.
  7. Focus on useful words: As vocabulary is based on the language. If your area of expertise is different, you can learn specific words for that field except reading Shakespeare’s novels for new words.

For this purpose, there are different tools and software that are on board. It is difficult to trust all but one of the most effective tools is SpellQuiz. It provides the consistent word models that depend upon the grading system i.e. from Grade 1 to Grade 12. This sets up a line between the age and capacity of the children to learn new words. SpellQuiz helps out in learning new words by enhancing the vocabulary and making people capable of growing on the communication mediums.

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