MBA is a popular postgraduate course due to its practical and job-oriented nature. MBA is, in a nutshell, a general management program that focuses on subjects relevant to fundamentals of management.

MBA also has a specialization course that focuses on a specific field. Some very popular MBA specialization courses you may have heard of include Media Management, Information Technology, International Business and Retail Management.

In general, all of these courses are designed to train students in basic universal management skills and specialize them in a field of their choice.

Hotel Management is among the list of popular MBA courses. The course is focused on teaching students the discipline of hotel management and equipping them with needed resources to work as a Hotel Manager.

But is Hotel Management a right career choice? Are there even enough opportunities? What do the study and courses entail and what’s the average pay?

Let’s walk through some of the most basic things before we can answer that question.

What Is Hotel Management?

As the name suggests, hotel management is the administrative responsibility that looks after the overall functions of any hotel or hospitality firm. A hotel manager works to ensure that all operations required to run a successful hotel/firm (such as finances,customer services and staff management) are undergoing smooth function without any disruptions or problems.

The task is not easy as it sounds. Especially when you work for a considerably big firm. Keeping every customer satisfied, assisting them as they throw tantrums while maintaining a professional attitude is something only highly trained professionals are capable of.

What Are Students Taught In An MBA Hotel Management Course?

For basics, hotel managers are taught how to multi-task and supervise daily activities. Though their entire study includes many sophisticated activities and subjects. Their updated curriculum features important topics mentioned below:

  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Communications Skills
  • Food Production
  • Nutrition And Food Science
  • Event Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Front End Operations
  • Public Relations
  • Accounting

… and many more!

MBA In Hotel Management Scope:

In a bustling economy that has thousands of domestic and international flights flying around every day, with millions stepping out of their apartments for tourist and business visits across the country, hotel and hospitality firms are less likely to stay empty than be bustling with customers and staff.

The growth in travel and tourism directly affects the world of hotels, clubs, resorts and hospitality services. There’s an increase in demand for talented and skilled managers who can help the business flourish in the most cost-effective ways.

After the completion of a two yearlong MBA Hotel Management course, graduates are eligible to apply for the profiles of:

  • Finance Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Accounts Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Customer Service Professional

Employers who hire these candidates range from Hotels and Hospitality Chains to Travel and Tourism Firms. The rise in demand of Hotel Managers leaves graduates of this course with ample opportunities across the nation.

Average Salary in Hotel Management:

Just like any other job, the amount an individual gets paid in the hotel management service highly depends on their primary factors such as the individual’s capabilities, talent, and their previous experience.

Secondary factors are mostly things like job location, the domain the individual has chosen, their level of education and sophistication, their specialisation and the institute from which they completed their course. Though they don’t make as much difference as the first set, these factors also play a key role in salary negotiations at placement calls.

On average, however, an MBA certificate may earn anything between 15k — 70k per month in a private firm. Salaries for government jobs may vary.

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