Baseball, one of the highly popular games globally, has players hitting a baseball in multiple ways. However, there are various ways to hit a baseball due to the different stances and set ups. Irrespective of how the hitter reaches the contact point, the absolutes involved in hitting the baseball remain the same. However, what players do is implement their own personal preferences or style. That is what differentiates great players from averages.

5 absolutes of a noteworthy swing

There are various absolutes of hitting a baseball. Using the best Dugout accessories helps too. However, we have made a list of the top five. Take a look –

1. Firm front side

You need to have a strong front side. That means the slightly bent yet powerful stance of your leg will keep the hands and body behind the baseball. It is this firm front leg that will stop the force of the forward momentum. If you do not concentrate on building the firm front side, you will encounter a loss in the bat speed. Moreover, it will also lead to a significant increase in head movement.

2. Stride and separation

The stride and separate position involve the separation of the hands and the lower half. After the player shifts his weight to the backside and moves forward, the stride foot will go under control. This will lead to a separated position. In this position, the stride foot must be open at 30-40° towards the pitcher.

3. Observe the ball at the contact point

One of the simplest yet difficult to implement absolutes is keeping an eye on the ball at the contact point. This is one of the first aspects that you need to master. You need to know the specific way of seeing the ball. Moreover, you need to work on your proficiency of better seeing the baseball for a powerful swing.

4. Swinging your hips

Remember that your hips must lead your hands. That means the hips and the lower half muscles need to take the leading position while you are hitting the ball. You need to focus on creating a distance between the hips and hands to increase the bat speed in the swing. The more the separation, the more powerful the swing. For more separation, you need to keep your hands back as much as possible.

5. Bent top arm

The ideal position of your elbow during hitting the baseball is against your side firmly. That is the most powerful position to create a forceful swing. Keep in mind that the more closer the elbow is to the body, the more force you can generate while you spin. If your elbow is far from the body, you lose the leverage of the force.


These are the five absolutes of how to hit a baseball. Every aspiring baseball player studies these hitting absolutes. After that, they practice their swings and implement their own styles. Here, it is important to note that the movement or personal style must not interfere with the hitting technique. You can use the Bulletin & Dry Erase Boards to understand the absolutes in detail.

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