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When you talk about the New York Yankees or even the MLB in general, one of the biggest names that will likely come up in conversation is Mickey Mantle. Mickey was known throughout the country during his years playing baseball and his legend is still talked about today. “The Mick” as he was called, was an absolute slugger and is still regarded today as one of, if not the, best switch hitter to ever play the game of baseball.

Mickey had some tough shoes to fill coming in after legends like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. He even got a chance to play with Joe Dimaggio for a year before he retired. Even with such a stellar all-star lineup before him, and all the pressure on his shoulders, Mickey still managed to persevere. A Mickey Mantle jersey is a common find in the MLB fandom just because of how much of an impact he had on the game.

MLB Career

In 1951 Mickey Mantle, at the young age of 19,  had such an impressive spring training with the Yankees, that they had him skip the Minor Leagues entirely and send him to the Majors. He played right field and sported a #6 jersey his rookie year. He went into a bit of a slump and go sent to the Yankee’s top farm team, the Kansas City Blues. Before long he was back to his old self and sent back to the Yankees.

This time around he switched his #7 jersey, and it wasn’t before long that fans around the world were sporting a #7 Mickey Mantle jersey as well. His first year with the Yankees they went on to play and win a world series, but it wasn’t all good news during that championship season. During the world series, Mickey and center fielder, Joe Dimaggio (another New York Yankees legend) both ran to make a catch, but Joe called Mickey off. Mickey tripped over an exposed drain pipe and suffered a severe injury. He played the rest of his career with a torn ACL.

Joe Dimaggio retired after that world series win and Mickey Mantle was moved to center field. In 1952 Mickey played a spectacular year and was invited to the all-star game. He made it to back-to-back world series’ but this time he was a major contributor. He was a valuable hitter, hitting the game-winning homer in game 6 and driving home the winning runs in game 7. They may not have been able to win the game without him.

Mantle stayed with the Yankees for his entire career where he continued to show his amazing talents despite the many injuries he sustained. He played centerfield until 1965 where he moved over to the left field for the first time. After an absolutely stellar career, he eventually went on to retire in 1969.

During his legendary hall of fame career, he achieved many great accomplishments and awards. He was undoubtedly one of the best sluggers in history. He’s tied with Jim Thome for most walk-off home runs and he’s the only person to ever hit 150 home runs from both sides of the plate. He won 7 World Series Championships and made it to 20 all-star games. There’s a reason he’s determined my many to be one of the greatest of all time.

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