Travelling is one of the best gifts for yourself. of Nepal bestows you a chance to live a completely different life and to explore new things Treks. That’s where you make the best memories of your life. If you are planning to hike in Nepal, here are the 6 tips for making good trekking in Nepal even better.

Look for regional festivals.

If you are traveling to a new place, enjoy the stay. And of the best ways to do so is attaining local festivals of Nepal. Every place on the earth one adopts different cultures and lifestyles. Trying a new one can always be fun and interesting. For example, the Annapurna Base Camp trek can be done during Lothar. In the Everest region, you can celebrate Mani Rumdi. So, if any such events are being celebrated anywhere close, do attain them.

Try new trekking in Nepal

The beautiful walls and the luxury of your resort can be tempting, but, hey, Get Out!

You will obviously hit the most rated tourist spots of your destination. But sometimes, it’s fun to challenge yourself—do anything! Go for newly built trekking trails like the Mardi Himal base camp trek and make different memories.

And this might require some digging. Try interacting with locals, and ask if they have any off-the-beaten-path recommendations. While you interact, you might get to learn about their lifestyle and culture.

Try staying in multiple locations:

It might be comfortable to stay in the same hotel for a couple of days. But that’s not the intention of our vacation.

Even if you stay in the same village, we recommend that we stay in multiple tea houses. Staying in various locations always adds fun to your vacation. Each new place will offer you a new experience.

Make friends with a local

This is probably the best travel tip for Nepal you will get. Getting a friend from a different city or country is always fun. Talking to the locals helps to build a better connection with the place. Making friends can be easy if they also use the same language. In another case, learning simple phrases such as “hello”, “thank you”, or “May I join?” in Nepali might help to make friends. You can meet them in public transportation, restaurants, bars, or hotels.

Little effort can go for a long way of friendship. New friends help to teach you about the culture. And they might also be helpful during the time of the emergency.

Capture your memories

This might even without mentioning it. However, you are not a photogenic person; capture at least a few memories. Some photos and videos of the place you visit will be useful to refresh your memory. But don’t let it ruin your tour either. Don’t let it be highly addictive- live in the moments and make the best memories for your heart. Himalayan masters also organize filming tours to Nepal.

Support the local community:

You might do this differently. You can be volunteering in farms, schools, or libraries of the villages while trekking in Nepal. If you are traveling to remote areas, you might accommodate a homestay instead of a hotel. Or, you can financially help to construct/ rebuild the architect of the trekking destination of Nepal. If you see any poor people during the trip, you can help them.

We mean that make your visit worth it by helping at-least one person.


Trekking in Nepal is already fun and thrilling. Never hesitate to try a new adventure and live the moment to its fullest. It’s not essential that you stick to the list given above. You can think of something else and then try it. It’s all about your choice.

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