Are you tired of putting energy into your SEO work and not getting any results? Plenty of brands comb through online articles, blog posts, courses, and webinars that all promise to help them improve their on-site performance and SEO but no matter how much they try the same information over and over again, most times it does not work. The best SEO company knows the importance of meta descriptions, title tags, primary keywords as well as tips like removing dates from URLs, website security, and churning out great content and images. However, even after doing all that,if you’re still not outranking your competition you need to take another look at your SEO.

Here are some advanced SEO hacks to help you get a grip on your SEO in the new year and give you a distinct competitive edge.

Target engagement factors

User engagement comes first and you need to think about customers and what they want. Your site needs to be easy to browse through for your users and you need to target what information they are looking for first and how you can address those needs.

Relevant meta descriptions for your site

Meta descriptions describe a page’s content and help search engines like Google connect with the information users are looking for. Appropriate and well-placed meta tags used on your eCommerce web development site is important as it can be used on your site so that your brand can be found in search results. Always look carefully and ensure these tags are constant throughout your site and if not, rewrite them to align with your audiences’ needs.

Load time

It is recommended that the page load time is under 2 seconds as most people are not willing to wait more than that time for a page to load and will simply leave and log on to a competitor site that can give them faster service. Right from high-resolution images to video files, dynamic website page design, and more you need to strike a balance between these wants and needs to keep loading time to a bare minimum. Google puts customers first and if your brand site is fast it will be on top in search rankings – this has now become one of the main requirements of the best SEO company and if you want to start seeing significant improvement as well as increased sales.

CDN and voice search

If you’re looking to speed up your business website then a content delivery network or CDN is something to know. This application plays a crucial role in accelerating your business while ensuring a steady and positive experience for your clients and customers.  One of the main SEO talking points is the voice search feature and it is expected to grow after the emergence of Google Home and Amazon Echo devices taking the internet by storm as well as popular in every single household.


Content is a vast topic but important when it comes to SEO and will always hold true. Ensure that your website has accurate and compelling content for the best results and when writing content, keep in mind your ideal customer or audience that you need to provide valuable and relevant content to.  Some of your efforts should also go into creating compelling and meaningful blog posts as they are said to be the best mode of interacting with users as well as maximizing results and getting organic traffic easily. These blogs are not without the right keywords, which need to be used in your content as well as image which are fully optimized with alt tags and title tags. Lastly, ensure your content has social media links referring to your website as this can improve traffic, engagement, visibility, and in the long run sales.

The Takeaway

Truly working at your SEO can be a long and complex process but a good SEO agency can help you with this. These experts have the know-how and skill and they can not only craft good content and take high-resolution images but they can also check your competitive keywords and ensure that your site is among the top few in search engine rankings. Ensure you do your research and pick a good agency that can help you grow in the long run.

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