Most small business owners tend to opt for Shared Hosting as their first web hosting plan since it is affordable and easy to use. However, as the business and website grow, shared servers tend to fail to live up to the requirements. This is when they start looking for better hosting plans.

There are many options available to them for upgrade like VPS Servers, Cloud Hosting Servers, Dedicated Servers, etc. Of these, VPS Hosting plans are preferred by many small business owners due to the features and benefits offered by them.

In this article, we will look at the reasons that make VPS in India a boon for small business owners.

In VPS Hosting, your website is stored on a virtual server created by using server virtualization techniques. Each virtual server is isolated from other virtual servers and has full root access and dedicated resources.

Small business owners have specific requirements from hosting plans. Typically with tight IT budgets and a fast growth trajectory, these sites need a hosting plan that understands their needs and offers features accordingly. Here are the reasons that make VPS Hosting a boon for small business owners.

Root Access

When you opt for a Linux VPS, you get full root access. In Windows, this is called administrative right over the server. This right allows you to make changes to the server, create a custom module and a customized hosting environment for your site. It also allows you to install third-party applications to create the site experience your business demands.


Since the resources are dedicated to your virtual server and your account is isolated from the others, you don’t have to worry about sharing resources or noisy neighbors. If you opt for managed VPS plans, then the host takes care of updates, security scans, and various site maintenance tasks. This makes VPS Hosting a highly reliable option – a must for small business sites.


IT budgets are usually a cause for concern for small business owners. While Shared Hosting plans are the most affordable, the power packed by a VPS plan easily outweighs the costs. You get the power of a Dedicated Server at a low cost. This makes VPS Hosting a cost-efficient option.


When the site is young, it has a long way to go. As the small business grows, the website needs to grow too. This means more visitors and hence, the need for more hosting resources. With VPS Hosting, you can scale your resources up or down based on the needs of your site. This scalability feature also helps keep costs in check since you pay only for the resources needed by your site.

Summing Up

While VPS Hosting offers a wide range of benefits to small business owners, it is important to remember that not all VPS providers are the same. Therefore, before you buy a VPS Hosting plan, ensure that you look at factors like uptime assurance, availability of technical and customer support, migration assistance, etc.

Also, spend some time assessing the hosting requirements of your site. This can help you choose the best hosting plan and a reliable VPS Hosting provider for your site. Good Luck!

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